Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas and Normal Stuff

Hey Everyone!

I hope yall are still full from Christmas dinners and all the festivities. I know i am.. It was such a blessing to be able to skype with the family!! even if you guys eat in front of me. thats okay.. :) 

this week really is a blur. i sit here and i cant remember much of what happened.. We had a fun time on monday night with the branch, we had a FHE activity with a family that came back to visit us. that was amazing! so much fun! It was a blast!  Christmas was amazing :) we had a great time with the Cassidy family. She cooks for an army, even though it was only 6 of us there.. haha. But that just means more for us to take home :)  Christmas night, we went over to the Alexander's home. Kenneth is such a good man. He is one of our few active Priesthood holders. and I made a decision that would change my life forever..  I had a tablespoon of a ghost pepper hot sauce and then i had a dried ghost pepper at the same time.. wow.. not such a smart idea, but hey, memories.  

on saturday, we organized a basketball game with Kenneth and some kids around. and of course, when the day comes, it starts to rain, but that didnt stop up. we pushed forward. we thought about stopping before we even started, but then it slowed down so we played.  i stepped to the side, and realized something.. i was the only white kid there.. awesome. i've gotten used to that feeling. But it was a fun time we had!  

Church on sunday was a great experience.  Cordele is a group, and we had 9 people at church. but it was amazing. I love how the spirit can just bear simple testimony of the power and truthfulness of the church.  i love reading my patriartical blessing every morning. It really helps out a lot and i have come to understand more of it, bit by bit.  It truly is inspired.  

Well, with the new year, comes new goals in life. im setting it a goal to be the best Elder Kevin Bodily in the GMM.  I love the gospel and the changing power of the Atonement in our lives.  I hope yall have a Happy New Year! 

Elder Bodily

Monday, December 23, 2013

I guess in light of the holiday season i should wish you all a merry christmas from the south. where there aint snow, but we are getting rain, and instead of snow, i rake leaves. 

He's still a kid at heart!

This past week was a party though. With us saying goodbye to our fellow elder that has now died. we had his funeral at district meeting. haha it was a good time.   With him going home, i was transfered to Cordele. I love it there. I already know the members so its easy to work with them. i had a testimony builder of prayer this week. i prayed for an opportunity to provide service. and lo and behold, later that day, we were going through a neighborhood and my companion stopped me and we helped a man rake his yard. now this man, he is a pastor at a baptist church down here, and the missionaries met him like a couple weeks ago. but he is super nice, after we finished he invited us in and the wife went to get food for us.. so we talked about how he got into the pastoring business and evertyhing, he is a great guy. the food came back, she got us Captain D's. Boy, that fish was so good. it made me miss Grandpa's fish and tarter sauce from back home.. oh well. but boy. my stomach wasnt too happy with me the next morning hahaha.  

We had some really good experiences finding new people this week. I love Cordele because it is in the Grid system, so it actually makes sense.. but the town doesnt have a mayor.. so weird.. haha. oh well.  we found this family, the Culpeppers.  We knocked on the door and the daughter answered, and we introduced ourselves and asked if there would be a time we could come back and share a message, she said one second. she went and got her dad, and he came out and we thought, oh boy, here we go. but then he was super nice and talked with us and told his whole family to come out and talk with us.. but it was only him his wife and daughter, than 2 younger kids, but they didnts really stay, just came out and sayd hi. but it was awesome.   

we also had a lesson with an investigator named Tomario. Man. he is so elect!!!  It sucks that he is on probation and parole, but that just means he is more spiritually strong than most people, because he has changed his life around. while we were there, he practically taught himself.. thats how powerful the spirit was and how awesome he is.  

another investigator we have is named Sister Lulu, she is a hispanic lady that would be baptised and join if there was more of a stronger youth program for her daughters.. its hard.. but she is wonderful. we go over and her husband was there, he didnt speak much english but she translated for us. but she just cooked up some tacos with shredded beef for us. boy it was delicious.. and a tomale. golly the hispanics know how to cook. everyone does. and with christmas, my companion and i are going to get fat, especially since he likes to play jokes and tell everyone that i love whatever food they cook.. so we have a possibility of like 5 dinners on christmas.. joy..  but anywho. i am excited!    

its been raining pretty hard here the past couple days. i love the rain.. 
Merry Christmas to everyone that reads this. and just remember, in light of the Holiday season. If you trust in the Lord, you will be made fat. Proverbs 28:25.
I love you!
Merry Christmas!
Elder Bodily

Kevin is on the far right.  His new companion is the one with darker skin.

Pretty sure this pic is for his buddies from home - Pipe envy?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Week Flown By

I really don't remember what happened this past week.. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.. all I remember is Christmas parties..  

We had our zone Christmas Conference! That was a blast. It was pretty much an all day thing. We were in Columbus by 12, and then we didnt get back to our apartment till about 1030.  it felt so good though, the drive is an hour and a half. yeah.. open road and a 2014 chevy cruze.. But it was a good time. We watched Ephraim's Rescue. That movie is about the rescue of the Martin Handcart company and that whole thing.. but it was a really good movie.. and then President Cottle read us Christmas stories! yay! haha.  and then on saturday, we had our branch christmas party, "Breakfast with Santa", that was fun! i sat on santa's lap! but it was a good time. 

At the party, our branch president cooper asked if i would speak on sunday.. boy, less than 24 hours to prep, i loved it though. It got me more comfortable with christmas though. the true meaning for me.. i talked about the different memories i have and then certain things that christmas has. It was a good time.. weird that this is my first christmas away from home.. oh well. sounds like you guys are forgetting about me quickly with dad getting a dog for trevor! whats up with that?! oh well.

well, with an elder in our district going home, there was to be some changes. and im moving areas this week! Im excited for a change, but its also sad cuz its right at the holiday season.. oh well!  Its part of the life.  for anyone who would enjoy my new address it is as follows,
Elder Bodily
1018 24th Ave East Apt. B
Cordele GA 31015.
Im just moving 30 miles up the road, so its not too bad.
I hope you all have a wondeful week! 
Elder Bodily
ps. the picture of the little boy, That is Jace. He is one of my favorite kids out here! He has down Syndrome, and is one of the coolest kids in the world! 

Kevin's new hobby - taking artsy pictures of ornaments . . .

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Changing Moment

This week has flown by. We had some really great lessons. We were able to actually sit down with Otisteen and talk with him and have a lesson. The spirit was so powerful there. His biggest struggle is being around friends that smoke and they offer smokes to him and he takes them. but we really helped him out this week.  

we also had a great lesson with a less active, Bill Wisham, we had a lesson on his anniversary of his baptism, that was no coincidence. it was really powerful. he feels terrible for leaving and wants to return, but feels bad for now leaving it to come back.. crazy dude.  

anyways, life changing, humbling beyond control experience happened yesterday.. more humbling than last weeks. if no one wants to read about me watching someone practically die, don't read on... as we were leaving our apartment, I grabbed my oil off the desk, wasn't exactly sure why at the moment, but I did, as we went to our first man, Brother Smith, (different Smith family.) He has had a lot of medical issues in his life. We started right away and gave him the sacrament. as we sat down just about to talk, it happened.. his breathing went weird.... well. nvm. I don't wanna talk about the details. sorry.  but as soon as it happened, we rushed over to him, I took the oil off my shirt button and we gave him a blessing, my companions blessing, well, was by the spirit. he blessed him to be comforted and then he just stopped. and then closed the blessing.  this man's 9 yr old grandson was there and got on the phone automatically and called 911 and got the oxygen for us for him..   well the ambulance came and took him, and we, shocked, went to the Branch President's house for dinner.. after dinner we went to the hospital to find out what happened.. a nurse came out and pulled us aside and told us he didn't make it.. my heart dropped...   

It is definitely a changing moment.. The last thing this man did, was renew his baptismal covenants and received a blessing.. He is in the Lord's hands now, and that's what matters.  Its sad to see though, his family aren't members.. I am so grateful for what I know about the Plan of Salvation and how I know where he is.

A better, up beat part of this week, it was the annual Americus parade of Christmas floats. the branch did one and I was one a wiseman.. about time I am one. but it was such a fun time. good thing I was on the float, because the generater ran out of gas and so I was able to put gas in it and start it again. phew.. haha.

well. Hope ya'll had a good week! May the Lord bless you as you love for Him in all things.
Elder Bodily

The tree meets his approval rating!

Look closely . . . this is really cool!

Kevin?  A Wise Man?  Well . . .  

Not sure about the guy in red and white . . . gnome or St. Nick?

What a great looking bunch of young men!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

7 Months and a lot of service!

This week was a great one. A lot happened that cant be expressed. Oh who am i kidding. of course i can express it all. IN MY JOURNAL! so ha, ya'll dont get it all. 

This week i was on exchanges with a Zone Leader, Elder Faleao. He is such a great missionary. Its awesome. He is so calm with sharing the gospel and talking with everyone. He really knows how to convey the importance of our message. We got a couple new investigators and a family! so it was fun! 

On Thursday, we helped the Pearce family move two big pianos about 20 or so miles.. It was fun! haha. 

That was pretty much an all day thing, and then on Friday we helped them out again by painting their house. They are expanding and renovating their trailor they live in, it doesnt even look like a trailer anymore. Its so much more. So we painting their whole house, in the mean time, im getting harassed cuz im a cowboys fan and they are all Steelers fans. Oh well.. but we were joking saying next month they are just going to repaint... yeah, that was on friday. Yesterday at church they said we are repainting today so we are going over to help them out. haha. Giving service is so much fun, expecially when we are able to be there when I shoot a deer! just kidding, but really. i love the south. but you really think i would shoot a deer on my mission? yeah... 

I have come to know one thing, the gospel is the same everywhere you go, and the love that it brings to families, i feel so at home with them. Its wonderful. 

Warning, I say this not to bag on anyone, just.. yeah.. hahah  On Saturday, i was having a hard morning, my thoughts were wandering, and i was sad. I went into the room and said a prayer for strength and help.  then there was a knock at the door, not 2 minutes later,  a 15 year old girl was there and passing around Jehovah's Witness pamphlets. I nicely declined and closed the door. went back down and laughed. I guess my life could be worse, so my day got better after that. ahah.

I love this gospel and the opportunities and blessings that missionary work bring to our lives. 
Love yall.
Elder Bodily

ps. those are our chickens from a couple weeks ago! and the boy 10 year old boy in that picture is actually the one who shot the deer.. :( 

A Trio, Thanksgiving, and a Trip to the ER

What a week it has been. Its just been so powerful really to give thanks for everything. That was a challange from our mission president to say at least one prayer a week just giving thanks, and it really helped me out a lot. 

We had a lot of good experiences this week. I shall start with our experience Monday night. We went to a members home so that Elder Cawley could say goodbye to them. Well, they were fixin up some squirrel and dinner. Oh boy it was good. not gunna lie. gotta love the south. 

On Tuesday It was transfers and i found out my new companion! and i got 2 of them! Its exciting. Elder Call is right from the MTC and from Butte Montana, and then Elder Lynch from Pheonix AZ. Its a blast. I really am excited to work with them.  

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We had dinner at the Hayes' sisters' home. They are wonderful. They are such good cooks. I really ate so much. I have lost my appetite a little i think. its scaring me.. oh well..  

Thursday night we also swung by our investigator Otisteen's house. His wife fixed up some boxes for us.  On Friday, we were out visiting some people, and we stopped by a less actives house. we got there, and the wife was on the phone, she is related to otisteen's family. well, his wife's family. yeah. their families are all connected.. anyways, she tells us that Liz, Otisteen's wife was in the ER. she had an asthma attack and went down hill. we were visiting with the family and my comp. elder call, the greenie, said that we should go and see her. but we continued to talk a little, then a couple minutes later, we got a call from a grandkid of theirs. so then we took off. as we were leaving, elder call expressed his emotions and how he prayed for another way to come that we might go. and it did! wow.. so we went and she was in the er. they whole family was pretty much there in the waiting room.. but we went in and gave her a blessing.. it was so powerful.. i love the priesthood., the next morning, we get another call from a son of Liz and Otisteen, and said she was in the CCU and wanted us to come by, so we did. They were pulling the tubes out and she was doing better, we gavve her another blessing and then talked with the family. but what touched me the most, was after church on Sunday, we went over on behalf of our branch president, but like 10 other people were walking in as we pulled up, it was cool. so we went and talked to her, and then we talked with her, and she said something so powerful. She was sitting in a chair and alert. With otisteen right there and all of us, she said I know that God has let me live more so that Otisteen can get baptized and we can go to the temple.. WOW! so powerful. Otisteen is close, so close to quitting smoking. i hope this kicks him into gear.   

And last night, we were up in Colombus for a Stake Christmas Musical program. I sang in our branches choir, that was a good feeling.. Its weird to think that two years ago, i was in Washington DC for Close-Up at the NAtional Cathedral at the First Christmas Advent.. crazy how time flies.. 

hope everyone has a good week!

Elder Bodily

Trevor sent a package to Kevin all on his own . . .

he included Kevin's Dallas Cowboys' Christmas hat!  Apparently, Kevin appreciated the gift!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Let the feasts begin and a kidnapped investigator!

This week was an amazing one! And that isnt even including the 2 feasts we already had Saturday and Sunday!  We had one in Cordele, where a group extention of our branch meets. its 30 miles away. That was a fun time, so many people in a small house haha. and then on Sunday, the 15 Cordele members came and surprised us in Americus and after church we had a big feast. That was a good time! Even though some of the less actives only came for the food, they were touched by the spirit. no doubt about it. especially when the primary sings "My Savior's Love" and then 2 missionaries bear their testimonies. It was so powerful.  

We had transfer calls on Saturday and found out that my companion and 1 of the elders in Cordele are being transferred. So its an exciting time. 

Tuesday we had district meeting. One of the elders, who goes home in 3 weeks, gave a training on what he was going to do when he gets home.. oh boy.. haha. Romans 16:16. It was great.

After district meeting though, we had a great experience. we were driving back to the apartment, when we saw a gator we hadn't seen in awhile, so we flipped a u-turn and stopped and talked with him. apparently he had been kidnapped and assaulted by some white guys. We were shocked. so we then went by his apartmenton friday. We caught him. such a miracle. He let us in, and we talked... He was supposed to be somewhere a half hour earlier, but decided to stay home.  He said, "God sure does work in mysterious ways." 

Now some background on James Dodson. He is an older black gentlemen, who is practically homeless and washes windows on cars at a local gas station.. He is so humble. He hardly had anything in his apartment, too.. But as we talked, he spoke gently, but so powerful. he said how it must be gods will that this happened. that it is part of God's plan for him. He has no hard feelings against the men. Which is amazing! As we were leaving, he said come back as often as you can.. He is great. Now he just needs to gain a more solid testimony. 

i sure am excited for this week! Thanksgiving in the South! Oh boy.. haha.  Pecan pies all over the place!  And Dad, you should be proud, i threw together one of those orange fruit salads! it was quite good!   

That is cotton bales. So much money right there.. 

and then there is me and Bowen at the feast.. He is so funny. 

I love you all! 
Elder Bodily

Monday, November 11, 2013

Just another week flown by!

Its easy to feel happy and content on the mission when you have some of the most beautiful scenery around.  Saturday night, we had one of the most beautiful red skies i have ever seen. Cameras cant really capture the beauty of it all.  Saturday was just a great day.  Our plans in the morning all fell through, but we kept pushing trying to talk to people. No avail. So we decided to head up the a members home and help get their son more prepped for his mission when he graduates. we get there and we play some bball with the younger boys and Elder Cawley talks to him, Garrett about PMG and studying "The Doctrine of Christ" In the book of mormon.  He then asks us if we could help with some service that night. we said sure. as we were about to head off, he gits in his truck and takes off. then his family comes out. yeah, he was off to be a friend's sidekick at a cheer competition. haha. but we had a great time. we filled like a 50 foot Uhaul. so much stuff. it took practically all day.. 8 hours.. haha. oh well. it was good. HA! yeah, this member, he gave us a full box of clay pigeons and a thrower.. not sure what we are going to do yet. maybe make friends with our neighbor.. 

we had an amazing lesson with Otisteen Smith this week. We talked about the power of prayer in helping him  quit smoking. Its was a good lesson. its awesome to have like our whole branch helping out, because practically all of them have been inactive for a while and then come back, and practically all of them have smoked before, so it helps Otisteen out a lot.

Well. i guess thats it for this week. Just another week in the life of a missionary.. 
I suppose i'll end with a quote by President Kimball. 

"How can you say the door cannot be opened until your knuckles are bloody, till your head is bruised, till your muscles are sore? It can be done."  

This can apply to anything in life! 

i love you all.
Elder Bodily

I have no idea . . .  Guesses, anyone?

Somebody's pet?  It is Georgia, ya' know.

Beautiful Georgian sunset!

Happy Elder with new toys - clay pigeons!

"If only . . ." he's thinking!

Mission humor!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Chicken Farm and Mtn. Dew

This past week made me realize something, time is flying. Wow. Halloween this transfer, and then next transfer we have thanksgiving and christmas! wow. 

This week we had some great experiences of finding some new people. we cant quite call them new investigators yet, but they are hopefuls! We are excited! 

Last tuesday we went out and helped our Branch President on his farm. They were getting chickens. He raises them for Wendy's and Tyson. Oh it was fun! haha. He said that we moved 23 Thousand chickens! It was amazing. We helped with his family and other friends. Our president's brothers and father arent members, but they are open to us. kinda. haha. dont wanna be taught, but they are friendly. I think that this softened their hearts.  Their dad called our president up really early the next morning, he was so concerned that he needed to pay us! The blacks down here dont really understand the concept of Service.. its for free! i was just thankful when he oped the cooler full of drinks and there were no beers but there was mtn dew.. oh boy.. 

Halloween was a party.. not.  we had to be at the apartment at 6 pm. wow. downtown Americus was poppin. kids and their parents everywhere. There is a main road called South Lee. Everyone and their dogs were walking down it trick or treating.  It was crazy.. gotta love the south. i had my window down and there was a black kid walking on one side of the road, and then on the other, a guy dressed up as Lucifer. So.. the boy yelled, "Lucifer! Mah Niggah!"  oh boy, i couldnt stop laughing.. 

i suppose i should end on a spiritual note.. Im reading through President Kimball's book, The Miracle of Forgiveness. It is so powerful. I love it. I try to apply something i learn everyday to someone i meet. 

I hope all is well back home. I love you all! 

elder bodily

Monday, October 28, 2013

Variety in Experiences

hey ya'll. 

this week was a lot more productive than last week! i had a good feeling throughout the week that just kept me pushing. 

We had Zone Conference on Tuesday in Macon. We had Elder Aidukaitis from the Quorum of the Seventy come and mingle with us. i say mingle because he did not just stand there and preach to us. it was a very personal 4 hours with him. He talked to us about certain areas of missionary work in our mission that need improvement and how we can improve them!  It was very powerful. He really got me to take a look at my mission and my attitude toward it.  Me and My companion got the opportunity to teach him and invite him to have a kneeling prayer with us.. oh boy.. haha. we sat there for like 15 minutes in the middle of everyone.. joy.. with president and sister cottle staring at the back of my head.. oh boy. 

our next experience of the week was on thursday night. we were called by a less-active member who's sister in law just got in a car wreck.  they were at the hospital and so we went over. we found them in the ER waiting area sitting in the chairs. we asked if we could use a room and they let us and we gave her a blessing. we had to leave the door open though. but that was no problem. It was a humbling experience. It was another great time for me to feel the power of the priesthood.

also on thursday, we went over to a members house to chop wood.. oh boy. that was a workout.  there was only one axe. and the pieces of wood were huge pieces from a fallen tree. we got a couple of these pieces knocked apart. they were like a foot and a half wide by a foot and a half tall. yeah, that was an activity. the member is the one with parkinsons. so he  sat in the chair and made fun of us callin us girls and weak and all. haha. he took the axe and swung once. then he went back and sat down haha. his wife was baggin on him saying he never works. oh boy its funny. 

Saturday Night, was one to remember. it was our investigator's son  George's birthday party. His birthday is on Halloween so they had the party then. Otisteen can sing! haha it was awesome. But it was a good time. I was one of 2 wite guys there. and the other is our branch mission leader who i dont really consider white. he has tattoos and knows everyone. so i was the only white guy there. it was great haha. We had lots of contacts there. His family, our investigators, is one of the biggest ones in americus. haha so it was great. 

Well, Till next week!
i love you all.
Elder Bodily

Monday, October 21, 2013

Learning to speak in public ~

This past week has been another slow one in the work, but has flown by. Its hard to believe that i have been out for 6 months now..  I look back, and i can see how much i have changed already, and yet, i have so much more room to change..  

i really dont know what to say in this email, we didnt have many cool or crazy experiences this week. But thats okay. I still love the work :) 

ya'll know that i really dont like public speaking. but i need to change that. we had to speak on sunday, and we were asked to do it friday night. joy haha.  I was asked to give my talk on Prayer and Praying Always.  Oh Boy. That topic really has as much involved with it as faith and the atonement.. and my mind set needs to have an actually written talk for me to function, but i tried to help myself grow. I had a bunch of scriptures and key words that explain them, and then i had quotes from General Authorities. I went really well though. It is easier to speak at this branch because i dont feel higher than anyone. the Pulpit is just ground level and there is only about 40 people there. I have come to love these people though. Prayer is so powerful. It is such a priviledge to be able to communicate with our loving Heavenly Father. He wants us to talk with him. There is nothing in this world that can stop us from communicating with Him! So why are we scared to kneel and talk with him? or even have a prayer in our heart..  We should always be full of prayer. It keeps us safe from the devil and his powers of evil. 

This is probably an experience to hold off till i get home, but nah.. Were is the fun in that, and i am still a little kid!   We were visiting with our investigator Otisteen. He is our smoker who has cut back from 3 packs a day to only like 5 cigs. They have a beautiful Red Nosed Pitbull. His name is Trouble but he isnt very scary..  Until you are petting him and scratching him and then your tie bounces around then he sits on your foot and just stares at you and doesnt blink.. I can say that i honestly was more scared right there than i was as i looked out of a plane door at 12 Thousand feet.  Oh well. the next day we went back and we were back to normal :) 

I love you all! This church is true and prayer really does work. If you are having troubles, just take a moment, calm down, say a prayer, and listen. God will answer. 

Elder Bodily

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

6 Months!

Hey Y'all. 

Crazy to think, this coming thursday is my 6 month mark. where has the time gone.. I am not sure. But good news! i am staying in Americus for another 6 weeks at least with Elder Cawley! We work good together and are good friends. 

This past week went by quick again and i am left to ponder where we went and what we did. Wednesday was quite the experience. We were able to take Elder Farnsworth up to the Mission Home in Macon so he could fly to Argentina! He was so excited to finally get out of the states. It was wonderful to be in the Mission Home and talk with President and Sister Cottle and the Assistants. Sister Cottle cooked lunch for us which was delicious. It was quite the hectic story of getting things for them and Sister Cottle told us today even more miracles of that day. Its too much to explain. But one of the office elders, Elder Speirlein is a retired Air Force guy i think. He knows how to get things done. Its amazing. and he drives a BMW. no big deal.. 

It was a different experience though this week being in a trio. It was fun though. We had to work between both areas so it was difficult, but a good experience. Sunday was definitely a humbling time. Sacrament and other meetings were held with the Cordele Group. We had about 15 people at church, not counting us three missionaries. one of the members, Jermaine, he is a 12 year old kid, and the only one active in his family of like 7 less actives. He is wonderful. His testimony was amazing.  He talked about how God has really helped him out and all. In his testimony he shared feelings of how at school if someone says something mean he would usually want to just punch them right then and there, (he was making arm movements the whole time, imagine.) and then he talked about how he just lets God take care of things. I really cant describe Jermaine. He is amazing though.  One thing he said during his testimony was amazing. i know other people have probably said it, but it touched me more today. So Jermaine said the following, "The easiest thing to do is to criticize somebody, but the hardest thing to do is say a nice compliment." It was powerful. 

Last week i ate something i hadnt even thought of before. we were at a less actives house and her cousin was there and he talks with us a lot. He came from Liberty City from Miami, so he knows the hard life haha. but he cooked us up a Conch Fritter.. ya know the sea shell thingy? yeah, the muscle inside of it. oh it was good.. haha. Johnny C. was asking lots of questions because Elder Zukela is from South Africa and so its just fascinating to everyone. Its awesome haha. I love him!

This week i finished the Book of Mormon for the third time on my mission.. Wow, every time something new comes out, and is always so powerful. i love it. This time i read the whole thing, focusing on Obedience. Something on every page practically.. so crazy.

well, till next week! i love you all.

Elder Bodily

Saying goodbye to one elder headed to Argentina!

A pretty car will always catch his eye.  Since he's on a mission, I'm grateful it's not a girl . . .

It looks like it was a nice Toyota to begin with . . .

Elder Bodily knows what his parents like!

I don't think these are the original . . .

Will this kid EVER grow up?

Apparently not!