Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Trio, Thanksgiving, and a Trip to the ER

What a week it has been. Its just been so powerful really to give thanks for everything. That was a challange from our mission president to say at least one prayer a week just giving thanks, and it really helped me out a lot. 

We had a lot of good experiences this week. I shall start with our experience Monday night. We went to a members home so that Elder Cawley could say goodbye to them. Well, they were fixin up some squirrel and dinner. Oh boy it was good. not gunna lie. gotta love the south. 

On Tuesday It was transfers and i found out my new companion! and i got 2 of them! Its exciting. Elder Call is right from the MTC and from Butte Montana, and then Elder Lynch from Pheonix AZ. Its a blast. I really am excited to work with them.  

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We had dinner at the Hayes' sisters' home. They are wonderful. They are such good cooks. I really ate so much. I have lost my appetite a little i think. its scaring me.. oh well..  

Thursday night we also swung by our investigator Otisteen's house. His wife fixed up some boxes for us.  On Friday, we were out visiting some people, and we stopped by a less actives house. we got there, and the wife was on the phone, she is related to otisteen's family. well, his wife's family. yeah. their families are all connected.. anyways, she tells us that Liz, Otisteen's wife was in the ER. she had an asthma attack and went down hill. we were visiting with the family and my comp. elder call, the greenie, said that we should go and see her. but we continued to talk a little, then a couple minutes later, we got a call from a grandkid of theirs. so then we took off. as we were leaving, elder call expressed his emotions and how he prayed for another way to come that we might go. and it did! wow.. so we went and she was in the er. they whole family was pretty much there in the waiting room.. but we went in and gave her a blessing.. it was so powerful.. i love the priesthood., the next morning, we get another call from a son of Liz and Otisteen, and said she was in the CCU and wanted us to come by, so we did. They were pulling the tubes out and she was doing better, we gavve her another blessing and then talked with the family. but what touched me the most, was after church on Sunday, we went over on behalf of our branch president, but like 10 other people were walking in as we pulled up, it was cool. so we went and talked to her, and then we talked with her, and she said something so powerful. She was sitting in a chair and alert. With otisteen right there and all of us, she said I know that God has let me live more so that Otisteen can get baptized and we can go to the temple.. WOW! so powerful. Otisteen is close, so close to quitting smoking. i hope this kicks him into gear.   

And last night, we were up in Colombus for a Stake Christmas Musical program. I sang in our branches choir, that was a good feeling.. Its weird to think that two years ago, i was in Washington DC for Close-Up at the NAtional Cathedral at the First Christmas Advent.. crazy how time flies.. 

hope everyone has a good week!

Elder Bodily

Trevor sent a package to Kevin all on his own . . .

he included Kevin's Dallas Cowboys' Christmas hat!  Apparently, Kevin appreciated the gift!

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