Monday, December 9, 2013

A Changing Moment

This week has flown by. We had some really great lessons. We were able to actually sit down with Otisteen and talk with him and have a lesson. The spirit was so powerful there. His biggest struggle is being around friends that smoke and they offer smokes to him and he takes them. but we really helped him out this week.  

we also had a great lesson with a less active, Bill Wisham, we had a lesson on his anniversary of his baptism, that was no coincidence. it was really powerful. he feels terrible for leaving and wants to return, but feels bad for now leaving it to come back.. crazy dude.  

anyways, life changing, humbling beyond control experience happened yesterday.. more humbling than last weeks. if no one wants to read about me watching someone practically die, don't read on... as we were leaving our apartment, I grabbed my oil off the desk, wasn't exactly sure why at the moment, but I did, as we went to our first man, Brother Smith, (different Smith family.) He has had a lot of medical issues in his life. We started right away and gave him the sacrament. as we sat down just about to talk, it happened.. his breathing went weird.... well. nvm. I don't wanna talk about the details. sorry.  but as soon as it happened, we rushed over to him, I took the oil off my shirt button and we gave him a blessing, my companions blessing, well, was by the spirit. he blessed him to be comforted and then he just stopped. and then closed the blessing.  this man's 9 yr old grandson was there and got on the phone automatically and called 911 and got the oxygen for us for him..   well the ambulance came and took him, and we, shocked, went to the Branch President's house for dinner.. after dinner we went to the hospital to find out what happened.. a nurse came out and pulled us aside and told us he didn't make it.. my heart dropped...   

It is definitely a changing moment.. The last thing this man did, was renew his baptismal covenants and received a blessing.. He is in the Lord's hands now, and that's what matters.  Its sad to see though, his family aren't members.. I am so grateful for what I know about the Plan of Salvation and how I know where he is.

A better, up beat part of this week, it was the annual Americus parade of Christmas floats. the branch did one and I was one a wiseman.. about time I am one. but it was such a fun time. good thing I was on the float, because the generater ran out of gas and so I was able to put gas in it and start it again. phew.. haha.

well. Hope ya'll had a good week! May the Lord bless you as you love for Him in all things.
Elder Bodily

The tree meets his approval rating!

Look closely . . . this is really cool!

Kevin?  A Wise Man?  Well . . .  

Not sure about the guy in red and white . . . gnome or St. Nick?

What a great looking bunch of young men!

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