Friday, November 8, 2013

Chicken Farm and Mtn. Dew

This past week made me realize something, time is flying. Wow. Halloween this transfer, and then next transfer we have thanksgiving and christmas! wow. 

This week we had some great experiences of finding some new people. we cant quite call them new investigators yet, but they are hopefuls! We are excited! 

Last tuesday we went out and helped our Branch President on his farm. They were getting chickens. He raises them for Wendy's and Tyson. Oh it was fun! haha. He said that we moved 23 Thousand chickens! It was amazing. We helped with his family and other friends. Our president's brothers and father arent members, but they are open to us. kinda. haha. dont wanna be taught, but they are friendly. I think that this softened their hearts.  Their dad called our president up really early the next morning, he was so concerned that he needed to pay us! The blacks down here dont really understand the concept of Service.. its for free! i was just thankful when he oped the cooler full of drinks and there were no beers but there was mtn dew.. oh boy.. 

Halloween was a party.. not.  we had to be at the apartment at 6 pm. wow. downtown Americus was poppin. kids and their parents everywhere. There is a main road called South Lee. Everyone and their dogs were walking down it trick or treating.  It was crazy.. gotta love the south. i had my window down and there was a black kid walking on one side of the road, and then on the other, a guy dressed up as Lucifer. So.. the boy yelled, "Lucifer! Mah Niggah!"  oh boy, i couldnt stop laughing.. 

i suppose i should end on a spiritual note.. Im reading through President Kimball's book, The Miracle of Forgiveness. It is so powerful. I love it. I try to apply something i learn everyday to someone i meet. 

I hope all is well back home. I love you all! 

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