Tuesday, October 15, 2013

6 Months!

Hey Y'all. 

Crazy to think, this coming thursday is my 6 month mark. where has the time gone.. I am not sure. But good news! i am staying in Americus for another 6 weeks at least with Elder Cawley! We work good together and are good friends. 

This past week went by quick again and i am left to ponder where we went and what we did. Wednesday was quite the experience. We were able to take Elder Farnsworth up to the Mission Home in Macon so he could fly to Argentina! He was so excited to finally get out of the states. It was wonderful to be in the Mission Home and talk with President and Sister Cottle and the Assistants. Sister Cottle cooked lunch for us which was delicious. It was quite the hectic story of getting things for them and Sister Cottle told us today even more miracles of that day. Its too much to explain. But one of the office elders, Elder Speirlein is a retired Air Force guy i think. He knows how to get things done. Its amazing. and he drives a BMW. no big deal.. 

It was a different experience though this week being in a trio. It was fun though. We had to work between both areas so it was difficult, but a good experience. Sunday was definitely a humbling time. Sacrament and other meetings were held with the Cordele Group. We had about 15 people at church, not counting us three missionaries. one of the members, Jermaine, he is a 12 year old kid, and the only one active in his family of like 7 less actives. He is wonderful. His testimony was amazing.  He talked about how God has really helped him out and all. In his testimony he shared feelings of how at school if someone says something mean he would usually want to just punch them right then and there, (he was making arm movements the whole time, imagine.) and then he talked about how he just lets God take care of things. I really cant describe Jermaine. He is amazing though.  One thing he said during his testimony was amazing. i know other people have probably said it, but it touched me more today. So Jermaine said the following, "The easiest thing to do is to criticize somebody, but the hardest thing to do is say a nice compliment." It was powerful. 

Last week i ate something i hadnt even thought of before. we were at a less actives house and her cousin was there and he talks with us a lot. He came from Liberty City from Miami, so he knows the hard life haha. but he cooked us up a Conch Fritter.. ya know the sea shell thingy? yeah, the muscle inside of it. oh it was good.. haha. Johnny C. was asking lots of questions because Elder Zukela is from South Africa and so its just fascinating to everyone. Its awesome haha. I love him!

This week i finished the Book of Mormon for the third time on my mission.. Wow, every time something new comes out, and is always so powerful. i love it. This time i read the whole thing, focusing on Obedience. Something on every page practically.. so crazy.

well, till next week! i love you all.

Elder Bodily

Saying goodbye to one elder headed to Argentina!

A pretty car will always catch his eye.  Since he's on a mission, I'm grateful it's not a girl . . .

It looks like it was a nice Toyota to begin with . . .

Elder Bodily knows what his parents like!

I don't think these are the original . . .

Will this kid EVER grow up?

Apparently not!

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