Monday, October 28, 2013

Variety in Experiences

hey ya'll. 

this week was a lot more productive than last week! i had a good feeling throughout the week that just kept me pushing. 

We had Zone Conference on Tuesday in Macon. We had Elder Aidukaitis from the Quorum of the Seventy come and mingle with us. i say mingle because he did not just stand there and preach to us. it was a very personal 4 hours with him. He talked to us about certain areas of missionary work in our mission that need improvement and how we can improve them!  It was very powerful. He really got me to take a look at my mission and my attitude toward it.  Me and My companion got the opportunity to teach him and invite him to have a kneeling prayer with us.. oh boy.. haha. we sat there for like 15 minutes in the middle of everyone.. joy.. with president and sister cottle staring at the back of my head.. oh boy. 

our next experience of the week was on thursday night. we were called by a less-active member who's sister in law just got in a car wreck.  they were at the hospital and so we went over. we found them in the ER waiting area sitting in the chairs. we asked if we could use a room and they let us and we gave her a blessing. we had to leave the door open though. but that was no problem. It was a humbling experience. It was another great time for me to feel the power of the priesthood.

also on thursday, we went over to a members house to chop wood.. oh boy. that was a workout.  there was only one axe. and the pieces of wood were huge pieces from a fallen tree. we got a couple of these pieces knocked apart. they were like a foot and a half wide by a foot and a half tall. yeah, that was an activity. the member is the one with parkinsons. so he  sat in the chair and made fun of us callin us girls and weak and all. haha. he took the axe and swung once. then he went back and sat down haha. his wife was baggin on him saying he never works. oh boy its funny. 

Saturday Night, was one to remember. it was our investigator's son  George's birthday party. His birthday is on Halloween so they had the party then. Otisteen can sing! haha it was awesome. But it was a good time. I was one of 2 wite guys there. and the other is our branch mission leader who i dont really consider white. he has tattoos and knows everyone. so i was the only white guy there. it was great haha. We had lots of contacts there. His family, our investigators, is one of the biggest ones in americus. haha so it was great. 

Well, Till next week!
i love you all.
Elder Bodily

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