Monday, December 23, 2013

I guess in light of the holiday season i should wish you all a merry christmas from the south. where there aint snow, but we are getting rain, and instead of snow, i rake leaves. 

He's still a kid at heart!

This past week was a party though. With us saying goodbye to our fellow elder that has now died. we had his funeral at district meeting. haha it was a good time.   With him going home, i was transfered to Cordele. I love it there. I already know the members so its easy to work with them. i had a testimony builder of prayer this week. i prayed for an opportunity to provide service. and lo and behold, later that day, we were going through a neighborhood and my companion stopped me and we helped a man rake his yard. now this man, he is a pastor at a baptist church down here, and the missionaries met him like a couple weeks ago. but he is super nice, after we finished he invited us in and the wife went to get food for us.. so we talked about how he got into the pastoring business and evertyhing, he is a great guy. the food came back, she got us Captain D's. Boy, that fish was so good. it made me miss Grandpa's fish and tarter sauce from back home.. oh well. but boy. my stomach wasnt too happy with me the next morning hahaha.  

We had some really good experiences finding new people this week. I love Cordele because it is in the Grid system, so it actually makes sense.. but the town doesnt have a mayor.. so weird.. haha. oh well.  we found this family, the Culpeppers.  We knocked on the door and the daughter answered, and we introduced ourselves and asked if there would be a time we could come back and share a message, she said one second. she went and got her dad, and he came out and we thought, oh boy, here we go. but then he was super nice and talked with us and told his whole family to come out and talk with us.. but it was only him his wife and daughter, than 2 younger kids, but they didnts really stay, just came out and sayd hi. but it was awesome.   

we also had a lesson with an investigator named Tomario. Man. he is so elect!!!  It sucks that he is on probation and parole, but that just means he is more spiritually strong than most people, because he has changed his life around. while we were there, he practically taught himself.. thats how powerful the spirit was and how awesome he is.  

another investigator we have is named Sister Lulu, she is a hispanic lady that would be baptised and join if there was more of a stronger youth program for her daughters.. its hard.. but she is wonderful. we go over and her husband was there, he didnt speak much english but she translated for us. but she just cooked up some tacos with shredded beef for us. boy it was delicious.. and a tomale. golly the hispanics know how to cook. everyone does. and with christmas, my companion and i are going to get fat, especially since he likes to play jokes and tell everyone that i love whatever food they cook.. so we have a possibility of like 5 dinners on christmas.. joy..  but anywho. i am excited!    

its been raining pretty hard here the past couple days. i love the rain.. 
Merry Christmas to everyone that reads this. and just remember, in light of the Holiday season. If you trust in the Lord, you will be made fat. Proverbs 28:25.
I love you!
Merry Christmas!
Elder Bodily

Kevin is on the far right.  His new companion is the one with darker skin.

Pretty sure this pic is for his buddies from home - Pipe envy?

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