Monday, November 11, 2013

Just another week flown by!

Its easy to feel happy and content on the mission when you have some of the most beautiful scenery around.  Saturday night, we had one of the most beautiful red skies i have ever seen. Cameras cant really capture the beauty of it all.  Saturday was just a great day.  Our plans in the morning all fell through, but we kept pushing trying to talk to people. No avail. So we decided to head up the a members home and help get their son more prepped for his mission when he graduates. we get there and we play some bball with the younger boys and Elder Cawley talks to him, Garrett about PMG and studying "The Doctrine of Christ" In the book of mormon.  He then asks us if we could help with some service that night. we said sure. as we were about to head off, he gits in his truck and takes off. then his family comes out. yeah, he was off to be a friend's sidekick at a cheer competition. haha. but we had a great time. we filled like a 50 foot Uhaul. so much stuff. it took practically all day.. 8 hours.. haha. oh well. it was good. HA! yeah, this member, he gave us a full box of clay pigeons and a thrower.. not sure what we are going to do yet. maybe make friends with our neighbor.. 

we had an amazing lesson with Otisteen Smith this week. We talked about the power of prayer in helping him  quit smoking. Its was a good lesson. its awesome to have like our whole branch helping out, because practically all of them have been inactive for a while and then come back, and practically all of them have smoked before, so it helps Otisteen out a lot.

Well. i guess thats it for this week. Just another week in the life of a missionary.. 
I suppose i'll end with a quote by President Kimball. 

"How can you say the door cannot be opened until your knuckles are bloody, till your head is bruised, till your muscles are sore? It can be done."  

This can apply to anything in life! 

i love you all.
Elder Bodily

I have no idea . . .  Guesses, anyone?

Somebody's pet?  It is Georgia, ya' know.

Beautiful Georgian sunset!

Happy Elder with new toys - clay pigeons!

"If only . . ." he's thinking!

Mission humor!

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