Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Eventful, Long Week

This week has been quite the week. We did a lot of less-active work. It was good. We had a member that moved down here that came to church on Sunday so we have been helping him out and visiting him. He is a different member than I've met before, but it's good to get to know him. We know all about his life now..... he is very open with us..... but I won't be with yall haha.  

This week we had President Interviews on Tuesday, that was a good time, to be able to visit with him and Sister Cottle!  And then on Thursday we had Zone Training Meeting in Hilton Head. That was a good meeting, as always. It's good to be around other missionaries. Afterwards we went to eat at a Chinese/Japanesse buffet.... classic. 

On Saturday we had the ward primary water party! That was awesome. We swung by about 1:30, it started at 2, so we figured we could help out a bit. Well, they put us to work! haha. We filled soo many water balloons, good thing I had a lot of practice of that at home! But it was a good time. There was a firetruck there as the party begun and sprayed everyone! haha that was cool. Of course we got wet. I think they purposely aimed for us, cuz we were across the whole yard by the door standing back, the next thing I know water is flying over us and at us. It was intense! It felt good though. 

A couple amazing spiritual experiences from this week really touched my heart.  First off, last week, we planned on a recruit giving our recent convert the Priesthood. So we took the paperwork to the ward clerk and had him print off a sheet.... well, Wednesday came by and I thought, and looked at the certificate and the wrong date was on it! But that was the Lord's will. We get to church on Sunday at Parris Island, and Brother Jones asked me to confer upon him the priesthood. So we had to fix the paperwork anyways. I was so humbled. It was an amazing experience. I was nervous I'd mess up the wording, but as we stood in the circle, the words flowed perfectly. I know it wasn't me giving that blessing.  He graduates in a couple weeks, that's going to be a special time. 

Also this week in my personal studies, I am reading through the Book of Mormon again. and I'm at the chapters where Alma is counseling his sons. Corianton has become my favorite scripture hero. He messed up and all that stuff in ch. 39 of Alma, gets rebuked and all, but the following chapters about the resurrection and the atonement....  Corianton had these questions in his heart that his father felt (ch 40 vs 1) he needed to answer. I feel this is why Corianton messed up in the first place! He hadn't really solidified his testimony and had questions which led him to be confused. In so many ways I can relate to him and now I can help my investigators with that.  

Also this week we saw Heaven is for Real.. daggum. I had wet eyes. That movie is such a good one. I know it ain't the LDS church, but it had so many principles the Spirit touched my heart with.  I know that Heaven is for real. 

Well, I hope yall have a good week.
Elder Bodily
ps.. I ran 2 miles this morning without stopping....it felt good. I know I'm gunna die when I get back to Utah though.. going from 0 ft about sea level to 5000... joy..  

pss.. 8 MONTHS TO GO!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Marine Recruit Baptism

This past week has been just overall a great one!  With transfers, we got a new Spanish elder here.  Well, it's Elder Turnbull!  We have been separated for 6 weeks, but now are reunited!!  We served together in Pearson.  

Throughout the week we have been able to talk with a couple families and answer some of their questions. One of our main investigators just got back from Hawaii on her month long vacation!  We are excited to be able to visit with her more and more. 

We did a lot of service this week.  We helped one family sand some wood chairs so they could re-paint them.... that was almost 9 hours in 2 days.... my hands hurt.  And then on Saturday we helped a couple that is moving into the ward with some house work and yard work.  They bought an old house and they are renovating it.  It was hard work to say the least.  The shirt I was wearing became a xxxl with all the sweat soaked into it.. haha.  Well, this couple is older, the wife is a member, the husband isn't.  But they are so nice.... afterwards they offered to take us to dinner.  So we cleaned up and met them at Golden Coral.... ah that felt so good.  Added 10 pounds.. 

Sunday was beautiful.  Saturday night I couldn't sleep.... I was up all night.  Nervous for no reason.  We had the baptism of Recruit Tanner Jones.  It was an amazing experience.  He had his recruit friend baptize him, and then had me confirm him.  Now that was a whole nother humbling moment in my life.  The baptismal font was in the main chapel of the RMC, Religious Ministries Center, and the Church of Christ meets in that room, so they were all able to witness the baptism, but we did the confirmation back in our room.  And next week he is getting the Aaronic Priesthood!  We had a couple new recruits come in and are interested in learning more.  The work is just blooming on Parris Island. 

Well, that's it for this week I think.... I always forget something or another.... but oh well.  

I love you all.

Elder Bodily

Member Marines and Sister Missionaries

Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy August!

I can't believe that it's August already.. crazy.. this past week flew by.  I am turning into a Marine Recruit.. throughout the week I look forward to Sunday! I love being with them, and I am continually impressed by their attitudes and their spirit they bring. When we walked in this Sunday, the whole right side of our little room was filled with men and no women.  About 20 marines, all in uniform.  It was awesome.  A lot of new faces.  Right before we start, the sister missionaries walk in, and are shocked and they say they'll be back, they're gunna go "recruit people for church" haha.  Well,, a minute later they come back with  7 women.. 6 of which were brand new 1st weekers, 4 of which were members. So we had a good crowd!  

Brother Tanner Jones was interviewed for baptism and that'll happen next week before service. We also have 2 of our marines, who are both members, graduating this week.  It was an exciting feeling. With testimony Sunday, they were able to bear their testimonies... the spirit was so strong.  Rct. Blake is doing some amazing missionary work.  He brought 2 more guys with him this week.  Neither being members.  One of them actually got up and bore his testimony of Jesus and his life.  The hard part is that they are here for such a short period of time.  I don't want to leave these recruits.  Good thing I will be here for at least 6 more weeks!  Transfers came and gone with no change between me and elder Ah Fook.  One of the spanish elders is being transfered though.. sad day. 

So this morning we decided to go catch a sunrise on Hunting Island... only a storm was rolling in, but it was a beautiful sight. My first time seeing the ocean!!  That was pretty cool.  Last week was a little cove, so not the real ocean.  This week was the real deal. 

The sisters here had a baptism on Saturday.  That was a very neat experience.  Her name is Jessica Bissell, she has been prepared to accept the gospel for a long time.  It was a very neat experience to witness that.  The program was very short, but very spiritual.  She has some amazing friends that are in the church, and that is what it takes.  I've seen it countless times throughout my mission..... members matter.

Well, until next week yall!  I love you and thank you for your support and prayers!

Elder Bodily