Wednesday, December 4, 2013

7 Months and a lot of service!

This week was a great one. A lot happened that cant be expressed. Oh who am i kidding. of course i can express it all. IN MY JOURNAL! so ha, ya'll dont get it all. 

This week i was on exchanges with a Zone Leader, Elder Faleao. He is such a great missionary. Its awesome. He is so calm with sharing the gospel and talking with everyone. He really knows how to convey the importance of our message. We got a couple new investigators and a family! so it was fun! 

On Thursday, we helped the Pearce family move two big pianos about 20 or so miles.. It was fun! haha. 

That was pretty much an all day thing, and then on Friday we helped them out again by painting their house. They are expanding and renovating their trailor they live in, it doesnt even look like a trailer anymore. Its so much more. So we painting their whole house, in the mean time, im getting harassed cuz im a cowboys fan and they are all Steelers fans. Oh well.. but we were joking saying next month they are just going to repaint... yeah, that was on friday. Yesterday at church they said we are repainting today so we are going over to help them out. haha. Giving service is so much fun, expecially when we are able to be there when I shoot a deer! just kidding, but really. i love the south. but you really think i would shoot a deer on my mission? yeah... 

I have come to know one thing, the gospel is the same everywhere you go, and the love that it brings to families, i feel so at home with them. Its wonderful. 

Warning, I say this not to bag on anyone, just.. yeah.. hahah  On Saturday, i was having a hard morning, my thoughts were wandering, and i was sad. I went into the room and said a prayer for strength and help.  then there was a knock at the door, not 2 minutes later,  a 15 year old girl was there and passing around Jehovah's Witness pamphlets. I nicely declined and closed the door. went back down and laughed. I guess my life could be worse, so my day got better after that. ahah.

I love this gospel and the opportunities and blessings that missionary work bring to our lives. 
Love yall.
Elder Bodily

ps. those are our chickens from a couple weeks ago! and the boy 10 year old boy in that picture is actually the one who shot the deer.. :( 

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