Monday, November 25, 2013

Let the feasts begin and a kidnapped investigator!

This week was an amazing one! And that isnt even including the 2 feasts we already had Saturday and Sunday!  We had one in Cordele, where a group extention of our branch meets. its 30 miles away. That was a fun time, so many people in a small house haha. and then on Sunday, the 15 Cordele members came and surprised us in Americus and after church we had a big feast. That was a good time! Even though some of the less actives only came for the food, they were touched by the spirit. no doubt about it. especially when the primary sings "My Savior's Love" and then 2 missionaries bear their testimonies. It was so powerful.  

We had transfer calls on Saturday and found out that my companion and 1 of the elders in Cordele are being transferred. So its an exciting time. 

Tuesday we had district meeting. One of the elders, who goes home in 3 weeks, gave a training on what he was going to do when he gets home.. oh boy.. haha. Romans 16:16. It was great.

After district meeting though, we had a great experience. we were driving back to the apartment, when we saw a gator we hadn't seen in awhile, so we flipped a u-turn and stopped and talked with him. apparently he had been kidnapped and assaulted by some white guys. We were shocked. so we then went by his apartmenton friday. We caught him. such a miracle. He let us in, and we talked... He was supposed to be somewhere a half hour earlier, but decided to stay home.  He said, "God sure does work in mysterious ways." 

Now some background on James Dodson. He is an older black gentlemen, who is practically homeless and washes windows on cars at a local gas station.. He is so humble. He hardly had anything in his apartment, too.. But as we talked, he spoke gently, but so powerful. he said how it must be gods will that this happened. that it is part of God's plan for him. He has no hard feelings against the men. Which is amazing! As we were leaving, he said come back as often as you can.. He is great. Now he just needs to gain a more solid testimony. 

i sure am excited for this week! Thanksgiving in the South! Oh boy.. haha.  Pecan pies all over the place!  And Dad, you should be proud, i threw together one of those orange fruit salads! it was quite good!   

That is cotton bales. So much money right there.. 

and then there is me and Bowen at the feast.. He is so funny. 

I love you all! 
Elder Bodily

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