Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas and Normal Stuff

Hey Everyone!

I hope yall are still full from Christmas dinners and all the festivities. I know i am.. It was such a blessing to be able to skype with the family!! even if you guys eat in front of me. thats okay.. :) 

this week really is a blur. i sit here and i cant remember much of what happened.. We had a fun time on monday night with the branch, we had a FHE activity with a family that came back to visit us. that was amazing! so much fun! It was a blast!  Christmas was amazing :) we had a great time with the Cassidy family. She cooks for an army, even though it was only 6 of us there.. haha. But that just means more for us to take home :)  Christmas night, we went over to the Alexander's home. Kenneth is such a good man. He is one of our few active Priesthood holders. and I made a decision that would change my life forever..  I had a tablespoon of a ghost pepper hot sauce and then i had a dried ghost pepper at the same time.. wow.. not such a smart idea, but hey, memories.  

on saturday, we organized a basketball game with Kenneth and some kids around. and of course, when the day comes, it starts to rain, but that didnt stop up. we pushed forward. we thought about stopping before we even started, but then it slowed down so we played.  i stepped to the side, and realized something.. i was the only white kid there.. awesome. i've gotten used to that feeling. But it was a fun time we had!  

Church on sunday was a great experience.  Cordele is a group, and we had 9 people at church. but it was amazing. I love how the spirit can just bear simple testimony of the power and truthfulness of the church.  i love reading my patriartical blessing every morning. It really helps out a lot and i have come to understand more of it, bit by bit.  It truly is inspired.  

Well, with the new year, comes new goals in life. im setting it a goal to be the best Elder Kevin Bodily in the GMM.  I love the gospel and the changing power of the Atonement in our lives.  I hope yall have a Happy New Year! 

Elder Bodily

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