Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Week Flown By

I really don't remember what happened this past week.. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.. all I remember is Christmas parties..  

We had our zone Christmas Conference! That was a blast. It was pretty much an all day thing. We were in Columbus by 12, and then we didnt get back to our apartment till about 1030.  it felt so good though, the drive is an hour and a half. yeah.. open road and a 2014 chevy cruze.. But it was a good time. We watched Ephraim's Rescue. That movie is about the rescue of the Martin Handcart company and that whole thing.. but it was a really good movie.. and then President Cottle read us Christmas stories! yay! haha.  and then on saturday, we had our branch christmas party, "Breakfast with Santa", that was fun! i sat on santa's lap! but it was a good time. 

At the party, our branch president cooper asked if i would speak on sunday.. boy, less than 24 hours to prep, i loved it though. It got me more comfortable with christmas though. the true meaning for me.. i talked about the different memories i have and then certain things that christmas has. It was a good time.. weird that this is my first christmas away from home.. oh well. sounds like you guys are forgetting about me quickly with dad getting a dog for trevor! whats up with that?! oh well.

well, with an elder in our district going home, there was to be some changes. and im moving areas this week! Im excited for a change, but its also sad cuz its right at the holiday season.. oh well!  Its part of the life.  for anyone who would enjoy my new address it is as follows,
Elder Bodily
1018 24th Ave East Apt. B
Cordele GA 31015.
Im just moving 30 miles up the road, so its not too bad.
I hope you all have a wondeful week! 
Elder Bodily
ps. the picture of the little boy, That is Jace. He is one of my favorite kids out here! He has down Syndrome, and is one of the coolest kids in the world! 

Kevin's new hobby - taking artsy pictures of ornaments . . .

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