Monday, October 21, 2013

Learning to speak in public ~

This past week has been another slow one in the work, but has flown by. Its hard to believe that i have been out for 6 months now..  I look back, and i can see how much i have changed already, and yet, i have so much more room to change..  

i really dont know what to say in this email, we didnt have many cool or crazy experiences this week. But thats okay. I still love the work :) 

ya'll know that i really dont like public speaking. but i need to change that. we had to speak on sunday, and we were asked to do it friday night. joy haha.  I was asked to give my talk on Prayer and Praying Always.  Oh Boy. That topic really has as much involved with it as faith and the atonement.. and my mind set needs to have an actually written talk for me to function, but i tried to help myself grow. I had a bunch of scriptures and key words that explain them, and then i had quotes from General Authorities. I went really well though. It is easier to speak at this branch because i dont feel higher than anyone. the Pulpit is just ground level and there is only about 40 people there. I have come to love these people though. Prayer is so powerful. It is such a priviledge to be able to communicate with our loving Heavenly Father. He wants us to talk with him. There is nothing in this world that can stop us from communicating with Him! So why are we scared to kneel and talk with him? or even have a prayer in our heart..  We should always be full of prayer. It keeps us safe from the devil and his powers of evil. 

This is probably an experience to hold off till i get home, but nah.. Were is the fun in that, and i am still a little kid!   We were visiting with our investigator Otisteen. He is our smoker who has cut back from 3 packs a day to only like 5 cigs. They have a beautiful Red Nosed Pitbull. His name is Trouble but he isnt very scary..  Until you are petting him and scratching him and then your tie bounces around then he sits on your foot and just stares at you and doesnt blink.. I can say that i honestly was more scared right there than i was as i looked out of a plane door at 12 Thousand feet.  Oh well. the next day we went back and we were back to normal :) 

I love you all! This church is true and prayer really does work. If you are having troubles, just take a moment, calm down, say a prayer, and listen. God will answer. 

Elder Bodily

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