Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saving a Turtle and a First Baptist Church Dinner

hey yall! 

It was a good week here in the country. we did a lot of tracting in some beautiful weather. it started to warm up, it feels so good! our car hit 91 degrees! 

On Wednesday I went on exchanges with one of the other elders in the district, elder shutt from Burbank ca. it was fun! on the way back to our area from Waynesboro, I grew a heart. I felt like the Grinch. A couple weeks ago we were driving and it was late and I saw two beedy eyes of a possum on the road and I maybe not have swerved to make sure I made contact with it, and I did. I may or may not be a psychopath,, not sure yet.. but on Wednesday we were going down this road and I saw a turtle! and I DIDNT swerve to hit it. at 23 months, the mission has changed my heart.. wow. Imagine that.  

We had a good day though. I took him to try and see some of the people that Elder Sutton doesn't neccessarily like, for example, the staunch Jehovah's Witness Robert and our prophet, priest and royal king Daniel.  Why do I find such pleasure in talking with these people? im not sure. Later that night we went and visited our part member family, the Wilson's. We shared with them The Family Proclamation. It was a very spiritual couple of moments. over the course of a month, I have grown to love them so much and want them to be happy and have the gospel fill their lives. I have seen them grow so much already!  

On Thursday we had a great experience!  There was a Wild Game Dinner at the First Baptist Church of Louisville. That was so much fun! All 6 elders rode with an eternigator of ours. and when we got there, the first person to come say hi to us was the Pastor of the church, and the second was a member of our church who lives in Harlem, he was one who helped cook all the food. One of his friends, Steve, who is a dry Mormon put on the whole dinner thing. they have been doing it for 20 years almost. We had wild hog, Brunswick stew, quail, channel catfish, pulled pork, bbq chicken, and some other stuff. I forgot my camera and so I will send the pictures next week! It was so good though.  afterwards they had a service. It was really nice. They had a local Christian band play the praise music. it was real good stuff. afterwards they had guest speaker from Lafayette Ga speak. he was a world champion tag-team wrestler. He had an amazing story of his conversion and how Christ helped him through it all. But there was something missing. Its hard to explain.. I could feel the sincerity of his conversion to Christ, but yet there was something lacking. I knew it was the Priesthood authority.. they preached good stuff, but like I said, its hard to explain, something was missing..  

On Saturday Elder Sutton and I went by the Wilson's cuz they were having a birthday party for their little girl who is turning 5. They had cooked up some ribs and pulled pork. the regular stuff, ya know? haha. but we got to talking with Laura, the wife and nonmember. She opened up a lot and said that they had been talking and she is really starting to want to get back into the lessons and stuff. oh I wanted to hug her but I didn't! I really am happy for her and them.  

On Sunday we ate dinner at a family's house and we got talking about a lady they could invite to church. this family is fostering two little black girls whose mom is a teen mom and she's trying to get her life in order and the lady we were talking about is the case working/operator of the organization they are working with. but after dinner they asked if we wanted to go on a walk around the block. we didn't have any set appointments, so we said sure! well, we got down around the corner and guess who pulled up, April, the lady we were talking about!! wow. it was awesome. so we met her right then and are gunna start going over to her house and talk with her family. Such a great experience. 

Well today we are going up to Augusta to play basketball with a bunch of elders from the zone.. one of them is 6'9" and another is 6'6".. bring it on!  

I cant believe I only have 4 more p-days.. wow..
I love you all!
elder bodily

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A De-sanctified Catholic Church and a Baptism!

hey yall! 

this week was great. last monday we had a great p-day. we went up to Augusta and walked around downtown and the river walk, and then got a tour of a de-sanctified Catholic church. That was incredible. 

the rest of the week was pretty regular, nothing too huge.  we spent quite a bit of time tracting and trying to find new investigators to teach. 

we had a neat experience on friday. i was on maps and i saw a name of a lady in a neighborhood we had previously tracted. At that particular house before was a middle 20's poly guy who was high. haha. this time, it was a lady who was so happy to see us. she is a member and has been out in hawaii for a couple months. she is connected with some other polynesians we know in the area and the other elders have been working with. well i asked her if she knew a polynesian family down in Hinesville. Oh she was smiling! She definitely knew them! We talked for like 10 minutes about them and how i served down there almost 2 years ago, and she stopped, looked at me and said "I knew you looked familiar!" wow.. she had been down there when i was down there! she asked about the luau they had, and i said i got transferred right before it. It was so wonderful to find a connection like that.  

Saturday was a beautiful day. We had transfer calls, and I will be staying in the Waynesboro ward for my last 6 weeks. I am excited! lets just say, The masters is the last weekend of my mission :)  

We had the baptism of a young large black family in Waynesboro that another set of missionaries have been working with. we have 3 sets in this ward. Its going to be great for the ward cuz they live in the town of Waynesboro. So incredible. On Sunday, the other set of missionaries had a baptism of a 12 year old they have been working with!  That was great too. The work is really moving forward in this ward. Everyone is excited! in a week we had 6 baptisms in the ward!  

well everyone.   i love yall!    have a good week! 
elder bodily

Walk around Augusta downtown ~