Monday, September 29, 2014

No pics, but a lot of spirit!

hey yall. this week was a great one, despite getting sick from my companion for the first 3 days...   

It has been raining almost every day this week.  One of those days we went off to visit a less-active. We got there just in time before he left for the VA in Charleston. He was walking out the door when we got there, and so he invited us in and we gave him a blessing. It was a neat experience and just reminded me that the Lord will put us and guide us to those who need us. 

After that we decided to go around and contact some old potentials. The weather was perfect, it was a misty rain, we were wearing our sweaters, and it felt good. We knocked this small neighborhood and almost everyone we talked to was super nice! The last house we knocked was a middle aged black lady who started to cry and all when she saw us. She said she had been needing religion back in her life. We talked for a little bit and found out that they know the Clancy's (a family here) and the sons are friends. We went back the next day and taught her The Restoration. She was loving it and understood it too. She told us she would get her and the two daughters to the Women's Conf. but was unable to go, and they didn't show up for church either.. it was disappointing, but thats okay!  

Church on Parris Island was amazing as always. Ah Fook gave a talk and i did the sunday school lesson. I pulled it from gospel principles and taught about Prophets. During the lesson, i felt like it wasn't going anywhere, i wasn't feeling it.. i was jumbled and all over the place, being a nervous wreck. but then we got the conference Ensign and read part of Pres. Monson's address from priesthood session in april. The Spirit was there. It was so powerful. After the lesson, one of the recruits, who's first week it was coming, came up to me and said he really enjoyed it. It made me smile knowing that even though i may not feel it completely, others will feel it. 

There has been one recruit coming for awhile, who is quiet most of the time, but answers questions and all. After class i talked to him and he said that he graduates in 5 weeks and that he has been reading and praying every night.. it was incredible. He said he has interest in learning more and joining, so we talked bout baptism quickly and i told him to pray about it this week and let us know next week. since we will still have church, even though it's General Conference.  I am excited :)   extra church = extra blessings.
well, i love you all. that's it for this week. i love this gospel!

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