Monday, October 6, 2014

Such a good week!

This past week was incredible! It flew by so quickly and so I don't remember a whole lot, but I will try to convey what sticks out to me right now.  

We had Zone Conference in Savannah. That was a good time. President Cottle surprised us and said we were watching a movie! We were able to watch Meet the Mormons.  It was such a good film. It opens up and breaks the ice real easy, and then blows you away with the spirit with the 6 people featured. It is very well done!  

Of course this weekend was General Conference. We watched it at the church house here. That was just so powerful. I kept my tradition up and bought me a 2.5 lb bag of candy corn. yay!   Words can't really explain the spirit I felt.  It was so powerful to have my questions answered so directly. 

On Sunday we were excited because we were still able to have church with the Marine Recruits.  Wow.  That was so powerful.  We have 9 nonmembers and 10 member  male recruits, and 4 of the members are RMs!  It was so powerful.  Our lesson was easy because of Gen Conf. and it was so powerful.  A couple of the recruits have expressed interest in joining the church after they get out of here.  It's a wonderful feeling to be able to see these men come in so timid and far away from God (some of them) and then get up and bear testimony of how they have felt God's love for them, in a place that people call, "The Island That God Forgot About". 

Probably for me, the most touching conference talks were Elder Robbins, Which way do you face? and then Uchtdorfs about the Universe the Enormisity of it all!  Mind boggling. 

i love this gospel.  hope you all have a good week!
Elder Bodily

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