Saturday, September 6, 2014

Marine Recruit Graduation and a Proposal

This past week was an amazing one, and yet a hard one. On friday and saturday we had a combined 11 hours of helping a family move. Friday elder ah fook and i went over thinking it was just going to be us there, but luckily they had a couple marines there helping too.  (It was a 4-day weekend for the Marines here).  So that helped out a lot! We got most of the big stuff packed up and then went over to the new house.. dang. i love the smell of a brand new house.. it was awesome.  well.. you have 5 big guys moving big furniture into a house, something is gunna get scratched or dented.. luckily nothing was too bad. 

Then saturday morning came around.. i slept like a baby that night. i was so exhausted. we are slowly moving around in the morning when a member texts us about 8 to see if we were helping the family move again that day. well. we were open during the morning and early afternoon, but we didnt plan to help them again. and right as i said that to the member, the family called us and asked for help again haha. So we went off with the member and helped them move again.  I can see the father of the family softening his heart towards us and the church. It is a good feeling.  

Friday was also the Marine Graduation of PFC Blake and PVT Jones.  It was another great time. We had the baptismal and priesthood certificates to get to Jones after.  As we walked around, there was a big crowd gathered.  Brother Blake proposed to his girlfriend in front of everyone! It was a great time.   

Looking around, we couldnt find Jones.. we were getting nervous.  We walked all over the place looking for him but couldnt find him.. It was frustrating. then i rememberd that he wrote his number in a notebook i had at the apartment, so we rushed back to get that number and call him. we changed to go help that family move too, but we were able to get a hold of him! We were able to meet his mom, that was awesome. they are a great family. 

On p-day we went over to the beach. played a little soccer and football.  man..  i resisted being tripped by the waves haha.  It felt so great though. 

Yesterday at church, was our wards big "Invite Sunday" where, on fast sunday this month we fasted for an opportunity to bring people to church with us. We had a good crowd. We had some great speakers in sacrament meeting. one of the recent converts spoke. No written talk, she just spoke. it was amazing. Her story was a powerful one.  After church, after the amazing potluck the ward had,  Kaitlin came up to us all and asked for my help. She is almost 8 years old, and wanted help figuring out who would baptize her. we told her it could be anyone over 16 yr old. her mom was shocked, she forgot that priests could too! haha.  Her mom recently started coming back to church about 6 months ago. There isnt a father figure so Kaitlin was wanting someone in the ward. they came back about 10 minutes later and asked Elder Ah Fook to baptize her in a couple weeks, and for me to confirm her. It was a very humbling moment. We have grown close to that family. 

I cant believe that August is over.. wow. time is flying.  Wake me up when september ends. cuz then i will have 6 months left!! (not that anyone is counting..)
i love yall.
Elder Bodily

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