Monday, September 1, 2014

It was a hot one!

This week went by quick, surprisingly.. the temperature was crazy..  the actual temp hovered around 100 degrees all week, and with 80-100 percent humidity, the heat index was around 110.. I probably lost some weight. I've gotten mixed. Some say they see I've lost, some say that I've gained..I'm not sure who to believe.. oh well.  

On Thursday we had a great opportunity, Elder Kopischke of the 70 came and had zone conferences with us. That was incredible. He really didnt have anything planned. He spoke on a few things, but then opened it up for questions, and then he'd expound on a few ideas for a long time. All in all the meeting was 6 hours and every minute of it was incredible. He had us think of a question that we wanted answered in our time there, and sure enough, mine were! The spirit is a powerful thing!! And so we applied this with one of our investigators, Scherra. She is just incredible. We visited her on Tuesday and talked with her for awhile and answered questions. She pulled out her study journal, and it put mine to shame. It was amazing. And on Saturday, I took my Book Of Mormon Institute manual and she fell in love with that.  We just haven't been able to figure out her concern and why she won't commit to baptism yet. Her time will come though.  

Sunday at Parris Island was very emotional.  PVT Jones and PFC Blake were in their Charlies because they are graduating from boot camp this week, they are considered Marines now though.  Brother Jones passed the sacrament for the first time and also gave a talk! It was incredible. The spirit was so strong in the room. He spoke of his path in life and how this has blessed him so much. He is going to go far.  It was heart-wrenching to think that they won't be with us next week though.. :(  Brother Blake is a return missionary, and so he was used to talking, but he said this was a totally different experience, being a missionary in the marines.  Elder George, the senior couple missionary,  put his hand on my shoulder and said, alright Elder Bodily, now its your turn to come back here as a marine and convert someone! haha.  I thought, it might just happen.  Ya never know. 

It was neat at zone conference, I saw the Butlers again! They finish their mission next month. They were some of the first I met in Hinesville! I will miss them so much! But we'll see each other again, in Utah! :)  

Elder and Sister Butler

Alma 32:27, 28.  You feel something?  Act.  The Lord will bless you.

Elder Bodily

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