Monday, September 29, 2014

Good Week!

This week was full of good experiences.  Last monday we contacted an apartment complex (classic..) and we found this really awesome lady Brigette. She is 23 and in the marines. but she loves to ask questions. when we shared the first vision with her, she understood it wonderfully and said that it went against what she was taught, but that it made sense to her! We are excited to continue to work with her!  

Also this week, we got a call from a bishop from a ward up near Columbia, saying that his uncle lives on one of the islands here and needed a blessing. so we met him a day later at his uncles place. it was very neat experience. Bobby (the uncle) isnt a member and neither is his wife, so we chatted with them for a bit and gave him a blessing. then after, he said i hope yall are hungery! this was at about 430.. we had a dinner at 6.. well. yeah.. 3 plates later, i wasnt even full.. it was strange! goodness i love southern food. he is having surgery on his liver this week. i think they said liver cancer or something.. i aint sure.  we are excited to work with them though. then dinner at a members house at 6 was great! i had 2 plates there, and still wasnt full.. hmm..  im fluxuating between 2 bills and 190.. running in the morning helps out haha.  

On sunday we had the baptism of Caitlin. She is 8 yrs old and her and her mom moved here about February and started coming back to church. it was a wonderful experience. Elder Ah Fook baptized her and i confirmed her.  It was very touching. 

As you can tell, we also had some fun this week! Work Hard, Play Hard. We had the stake Low Country Boil on Saturday down in Richmond Hill. That was a party. A lot of people showed up so there was a lot of food! haha. We rode back to Ridgeland with a member there, he is so chill. He took us and showed us his plane.. No big deal.. it was a small plane.. haha. we taxi'd it around and got some gas cuz his dad had flown it to Charleston earlier.  yeah. that aint cheap at all. haha.  

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I overcame one of my fears this week at a members house! a snake! who would've guessed i could do that.. oh well. thats what a mission is all about! ( apparently momma posted a good post on facebook about it).   

This week was also Elder George's birthday party! He is a military relations missionary here. He is awesome.  He has a prosthetic leg, so this pin serves him well. as he read the pin, he said, "Sure have!" then he chuckled and proceeded to put it on! haha. I love that guy!

Pin says:  "I've survived damn near everything!"

Well, it has been a good one.  emails are fun and all, but letters are enjoyed to!  (yes, i'm proselyting for letters.!)

Elder Kevin Bodily
2205 Southside Blvd Apt 11B
Port Royal, SC  29935

i love you all.
Elder Bodily

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