Thursday, September 18, 2014

Storms rolling in and answered prayers!

So yeah. hey yall again.  i just cant believe that its been another week, and with this past week, another Fast Sunday. only 7 more of those to go.. Weird.  This past week we had a couple good experiences. we went and visited a member on tuesday night.   It was getting towards the kids bedtime and so she told McKenna (the little girl who is about 3 or so) to go get a book. she went and grabbed "My First Book of Mormon Story Book". and they had a reading party. It was so wonderful. That book is so simple, yet the spirit was so strong.  

Our main day was saturday. we had to fill the morning hours till 3, that was it. after that was planned with Scherra and the wards Low Country Boil.  We got the list of potentials and went off. We found a huge apartment complex that neither of us knew about! It was huge. so we looked for names and went off.  not too much success, except for meeting Aquib. he was sitting on the stairs facing away from us, and we had to come up and around the stairs, he thought we were agents at first. but we got talking. he isnt interested in learning about the Restored Gospel, he is and has been Muslim his whole life. it was a very neat experience talking with him. It was new to me. 

Our visit with Scherra was wonderful. She had a friend over and she practically taught her friend about the book of mormon. we hardly said anything.  She just needs to get baptized! Time..  

That night was a party at the Low-Country Boil. We had a good crowd. We were able to socialize with a lot of the members and the youth. Thats my favorite part.  I heard it from a member in my last area, he said something along the lines of, even if we dont get a lot of baptisms and teach as much as we would hope, if we are able to show the youth that missions can be fun and life changing, then it is all worth it. And it has been! 

Yesterday with Fast Sunday, I had my purpose and was set on it.  It was a wonderful day.  I felt the spirit through all 5 hours of church. and through the rest of the day. I prayed about my purpose and set on fasting all night also.  well, the spanish Elders came home for the first time since wednesday, and they had donuts.. man.. i was trying to be strong and continue my fast, but those donuts.. AHH!  honestly, i felt disappointed in myself and felt that maybe my prayers wouldnt be answered cuz i ate early. But this morning while emailing, well, my prayers and fasting was answered.. Im not going to go into details, but I KNOW that God is aware of our prayers and desires and will answer them! 

The gospel is true and the book is blue.  

love yall.  elder bodily

i just love the storms that come through. its been raining the past few days.

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