Thursday, September 18, 2014

Reunions and Football

This week as a good one.  first off I went on exchanges with our district leader Elder Haynie who is a spanish elder.. that was fun! haha. we visited a few people, and i was reaffirmed that i am glad i am an english elder. hahah. i knew very little spanish, and the people we visited knew it.. hahaha. that was funny. it was a good time though. Then we played some volleyball at the church. that was legit haha. still didnt know what the hispanics were saying.. 

Friday we had the opportunity to go with a family and watch their sons football game at the high school. that was amazing. It brought back a lot of memories, i just gotta say though.. the fan base here had nothing on the LHS student section. Back home it was a lot better! haha. it was alright though. we were sitting in the booster family section with back rests haha. it was good time though because we got to meet a lot of people this family knows in the area too. :)   

"The Boys of Fall"

This weekend we had stake conference. that was amazing. It was good to gather as a large body of saints and feel the spirit. it was down in Savannah, and i was excited to see some of my Hinesville buddies again.  oh man, i was so happy, it brought back a lot of good memories.. im still a legend there for my "First day in the mission field experience".... getting searched for drugs on the way from Jacksonville.  hahaha. classic..  

The messages were really good. ( i guess there is more than just reunions at conferences, huh..?..)  a lot of them were about their experiences with sharing the gospel, and for some of them, it wasnt a one time thing, it was a multi-year experience.  one of the speakers spoke on times that when we feel the spirit, and how we need to act on that. on everything in our life, we need to act. we need to act on the promptings we feel, or we may lose them.  That was perfect for what i am going through right now, it just strengthened my testimony once more that prayers are answered.   

I was also listening to an old talk by President J. Reuben Clark Jr. and he said a couple things that stuck out to me.  1) Experience is the mother of Wisdom.  2) There is NO royal road to salvation and exaltation.  

well, i hope yall have a good week!! i cant believe that i hit 17 months this week.. wow.  have a good one. 

Elder Bodily

These two pictures had no explanation.

Just Kevin being random . . . SQUIRREL!!!

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