Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Eventful, Long Week

This week has been quite the week. We did a lot of less-active work. It was good. We had a member that moved down here that came to church on Sunday so we have been helping him out and visiting him. He is a different member than I've met before, but it's good to get to know him. We know all about his life now..... he is very open with us..... but I won't be with yall haha.  

This week we had President Interviews on Tuesday, that was a good time, to be able to visit with him and Sister Cottle!  And then on Thursday we had Zone Training Meeting in Hilton Head. That was a good meeting, as always. It's good to be around other missionaries. Afterwards we went to eat at a Chinese/Japanesse buffet.... classic. 

On Saturday we had the ward primary water party! That was awesome. We swung by about 1:30, it started at 2, so we figured we could help out a bit. Well, they put us to work! haha. We filled soo many water balloons, good thing I had a lot of practice of that at home! But it was a good time. There was a firetruck there as the party begun and sprayed everyone! haha that was cool. Of course we got wet. I think they purposely aimed for us, cuz we were across the whole yard by the door standing back, the next thing I know water is flying over us and at us. It was intense! It felt good though. 

A couple amazing spiritual experiences from this week really touched my heart.  First off, last week, we planned on a recruit giving our recent convert the Priesthood. So we took the paperwork to the ward clerk and had him print off a sheet.... well, Wednesday came by and I thought, and looked at the certificate and the wrong date was on it! But that was the Lord's will. We get to church on Sunday at Parris Island, and Brother Jones asked me to confer upon him the priesthood. So we had to fix the paperwork anyways. I was so humbled. It was an amazing experience. I was nervous I'd mess up the wording, but as we stood in the circle, the words flowed perfectly. I know it wasn't me giving that blessing.  He graduates in a couple weeks, that's going to be a special time. 

Also this week in my personal studies, I am reading through the Book of Mormon again. and I'm at the chapters where Alma is counseling his sons. Corianton has become my favorite scripture hero. He messed up and all that stuff in ch. 39 of Alma, gets rebuked and all, but the following chapters about the resurrection and the atonement....  Corianton had these questions in his heart that his father felt (ch 40 vs 1) he needed to answer. I feel this is why Corianton messed up in the first place! He hadn't really solidified his testimony and had questions which led him to be confused. In so many ways I can relate to him and now I can help my investigators with that.  

Also this week we saw Heaven is for Real.. daggum. I had wet eyes. That movie is such a good one. I know it ain't the LDS church, but it had so many principles the Spirit touched my heart with.  I know that Heaven is for real. 

Well, I hope yall have a good week.
Elder Bodily
ps.. I ran 2 miles this morning without stopping....it felt good. I know I'm gunna die when I get back to Utah though.. going from 0 ft about sea level to 5000... joy..  

pss.. 8 MONTHS TO GO!!

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