Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year and some changes

Happy New Year everyone!  i hope yall made some good resolutions that you wont break after the first week :)  Since this will be my first and only full year in the service of my God, i made my resolutions to help me become a better missionary, and a better man.  

This past week was a great one! one of the Zone Leaders came down and we were in a trio for the day, which was just amazing! we set 5 baptism dates! I really am excited for them all! sadly none of them came to church, but thats okay. we aint giving up on them.  

we did have a less active family come to church though! That was great! they have really changed their life around. it was a good feeling to see them there. church was amazing. we had about 16 people there, and again i was the only white one. i seriously love it! one of our members said something that really stood out to me. he said that the same thing that happens in wards with 200 active members, happens in our meetings of 15 on average. the spirit is the same no matter where you go.  I gave the lesson in priesthood on the first pres. message in jan. ensign. it was very powerful.   "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now."

Also this week, in a matter of 3 hours, we talked with 2 islamic people who professed they found the true religion, and one of the said that we cant follow the path of Jesus, we gotta get past that, we have to follow the path of Jehovah..  i just laughed, i laughed more when he even acknowledged the budweiser in his hand..  

another cool experience, we were walking around and we saw this guy with a ladder so we walked to him to see if he needed help, nope, so we talked about the 65 mustang in the driveway and then he opened up the garage and showed us these two beauties and sayd he has 25 classic cars in a building.. crazy.. so yeah, im gunna go talk with him more! he knew about the church and mormons. His idol was Dale Murphy, so thats a bonus ahaha. 

Haha, so yall know how i had the ghost pepper on Christmas, well, we gave one to our only active youth priesthood holder, Jermain. He is 12 and so mature. its awesome. but yeah.. he didnt enjoy that pepper too much.. Jermain is a wild kid and hard to control, but man, he is so smart and mature.. sometimes.. hahah

with this new year, we had transfer calls on Saturday, and the news is that Elder Zukela is being transfered and i have been given the responsibility to train a new missionary!!! AH!! it is such a weird feeling to be pregnant on the mission.. I really am excited though.  Dallan Blotter helped me out when he said that we are called not because we are qualified yet, but that the Lord wants us to learn at an accelerated pace.  i also love turning to my patriatrical blessing. That is so powerful!  I encourage yall to read yours and apply it more fully to your life. 

anywho, I hope yall have a good week!  Tomorrow, I will have a son! 

Elder Bodily
(Man, I miss this kid!  Love, mom)

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