Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lacrosse and a Cello ~

This week went by like a blur and i cant believe its december now..  so much happened this week i dont know where to begin!  

We went to rite aid one day and as we looked behind the counter, it was one of our new investigators that we met a couple weeks ago that we lost contact with! it was awesome. 

Tuesday started the wonderful week.  our early afternoon plans fell through and so we texted a member to see if he would text his friend who is a less-active that we could all meet up. Well he texted us and said they were playing lacrosse with a bunch of kids. so yeah. you already know that i was in the car driving over there!! there were about 7 guys. and an extra goalie stick.. so yeah, i jumped in. no pads, just a stick.. they didnt shoot hard, but i got hit a couple times, it felt so good haha. 

 Thanksgiving day came.. i was excited! we had a turkey bowl with a bunch of guys, some of which we met on tuesday playin lacrosse! it was so much fun! 

For thanksgiving lunch we ate at a members home, and there were like 4 families there! so much food and such good company!  

When we got home that night our dinning room carpet was soaked wet.. so we called the company and they sent someone to look at it..  it was our old neighbor! haha. well. they couldnt figure it out, and our neighbor was gone.. so yeah.. Sunday afternoon comes around, thats 3 nights later of water running, we get home from church and our neighbor is home! apparently our upstairs neighbor's kitchen pipes got clogged and it went into our side neighbors sink and kitchen..  huge mess over there and we only got the run-off.. it smells so bad but getting better.. haha. oh well..

Sunday was once again the highlight of the week.. church on Parris island was great. we had 10 male non members there! and most of them are only on their second week.. long way to go. but some of them are so spiritually prepared. the spanish elders came out with us, so in our Sunday school class, the sisters had to leave early, we had us 4 missionaries and 25 marines around us.. and 4 of the 7 male members are return missionaries! it was great.   

In Beaufort, church was normal, nothing too big happened, except for choir practice! a member brought her cello! and so yeah.. i played during practice. it felt so good! and later that night we went over to a members and continued to play for a bit. it was great.   

Well i hope you all had as an exciting week as we did!  

i love you all! 

happy thanksgiving!

Some random pics:  (notice the price of gas!)

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