Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Parties

Hey yall! I can't believe that Christmas has come and gone.. it was amazing talking with my family.. we had so much fun this week. it doesn't happen much as missionaries, but I do gotta say, we had fun this week and I felt the spirit a lot throughout it. 

Christmas this year has been probably one of the best ever! It was filled with a couple different family's parties.  That was a great feeling. Being around families enjoying each others company was probably my favorite memory.  We did karaoke at one family's house.  KILLED IT!!  It was awesome!  Friday was a somewhat normal day. Weekly planning and lunch at Huddle House.. it was so weird.. christmas was over like that :( oh well.. time goes on.  

On Saturday we did service for a family. It was fun! We took out a window, attempted to put a new one back in, but had the wrong size.. and then we also chopped wood and cleaned up the yard. I was rocking it in my overalls!  Service is always a good way to show your love to people. And it's easy to serve those you love. It's just true. 

Saturday night we went out to dinner with a family here, they took us out to a place called Western Sizzilin'.. It is just a more southern version of Golden Corral.. So good! The family that took us had the funniest 5 year old kid I have ever met! He was just hilarious!  He was a chubby kid and that added to it. The parents agreed! haha. such a good family.  

This Christmas season my heart was always turned back to family, cuz that is all I was surrounded by. It makes me happy to think I can see my family again soon, but also sad, because I have to leave my family down here..  

Church on Sunday was great. It seemed a spiritual day. In every meeting someone was crying.  

Just another p-day today.. nothing too exciting. Just more rain and another tornado watch. oh well! 

I hope you all have a great new years season! Its always a good time to restart and do better. 

I love you all!  
Elder Bodily

His Southern Family

His Forever Family

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