Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Area: Nashville, Georgia

hey everyone!  

I was transferred back down to the good ole south georgia country!  I am now in a town called Nashville! no, not Tennessee... oh well haha. I am really excited to be here, even though it killed me to leave Beaufort...  

Our first week here didn't really feel like I was here. We had 2 big meeting on thursday and Saturday. Thursday was just a zone meeting in Tifton, and then Saturday we had a huge 4 zone Christmas conference in Macon! A Member of the 70 spoke to us for a little while on applying scriptures to our lives and being able to move forward and grow. The rest of the meeting was just a big testimony meeting from certain people.. no movie.. no!! oh well. we just got word this morning that we will be having a mission wide conference in January with a member of the Quorum of the 12!  That is exciting! 

A few things from this week though. Our area covers quite a big area. I'm excited. Here in Nashville, my first night, they were having a big dinner for the older ladies and single women. It was a party, we of course were invited to it, so it was a good way to kick this area off!    

On Friday, we had our weekly planning party at the house, so I got a little bit more aquainted with the area, and then after we went to Huddle House! A member owns it so yeah.. free food twice a week! We usually hit it up on mondays and fridays. While we were there, an older gentleman sat behind a glass divider parallel to us. He reached his arm around and handed us some little papers from his church.  One of them said "Are you Decieved?"  Haha, it was pretty funny. So we handed him a "He is the Gift" card.  

Later on that day, we went up to the hood here in town and played some ball with a bunch of peeps. It was pretty legit. haha. My comp is 6' 5" and he can't play basketball to save his life.. haha. he knows it too.  

In one of our towns, there is a part member family. The husband/grandpa isn't a member, he is hilarious.. the elders warned us about him.. I am excited to get to know him better. haha. 

We have one lady right now, she is 85 years old, and the missionaries met her about a month or 2 ago.. she is incredible.. probably one of the most elect ladies I have met. She is getting baptized this Saturday! She is amazing. Willie May Simmons is her name.  

Church on Sunday was great.  This ward just got a new bishopric, ward mission leader, elders quorum pres, and young mens pres. so a lot of changes, but PEC on Sunday was great. The ward is excited. They had me and Elder Hatch, the other new missionary, speak briefly. It was very powerful. as I spoke, I could feel the spirit. I knew that this is where I need to be now.. no matter how bad I miss Beaufort, Nahsville is where I have work to do now.

I love you all! here is my new address.

Elder Bodily 
504 W. Hull Ave
Nashville Ga 31639

i love you all!

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