Monday, December 22, 2014

A Special Baptism

This week went by really quick! 

We were so excited for Saturday and the baptism of Willie Mae Simmons.  

At the church this week, we had a Relief Society dinner that we were the priesthood in the building for  on Tuesday, the ward christmas party Friday, and the baptism Saturday! it was great!  At the party Friday I was able to meet more of the ward here and make friendships!  

Saturday was one of the best days of my life.. The baptism of Willie Mae Simmons was beautiful. Elder Beckman baptized her. It was very neat to see him be able to do that so early in his mission.  During the baptism service, I felt the spirit bear testimony to me that this church is true. I mean, no other way would I be able to feel the same emotions in a room with 100 marine recruits, and then in a room with about 35 people.  Words just can't describe it.  

For dinner Saturday we went to a mexican restaurant that one of our investigators owns. It was so good! Reminds me of El Sol!  But yeah, they may have had the tv on, and the Aggies game was on!! So that was awesome to catch!! haha. GO AGGIES!!  When I got home, I threw on my new Aggie shirt that the Corbetts sent me! The light rays from the light are awesome! hahah. 

Sunday was great. It was the ward christmas program here in nashville. It was really good and then we went to the stake center for the stake christmas program. That was amazing too. I saw a couple people from one of my old areas!  Him and his band played some bluegrass versions of christmas songs and a hymn I'd never heard before, #336, School Thy Feelings. It was amazing.  

Well, times up! People are waiting!!  

I hope yall have a merry christmas! 
elder bodily

Willie Mae Simmons

Thank you, Corbett Family!

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