Monday, November 24, 2014

Another week of listening to the Spirit ~

Hey yall. 

It was a quick week here. not too much happened. on tuesday the Zone leaders came down and did exchanges with us. so one came with us, and one went with the spanish elders.  We had a really good day! crazy how that happens.. the zone leader was wanting to keep it interesting and us in good spirits so we decided to have a "crazy contact", well, a lesson with a less-active family fell through and so we decided to try the house across the cul-de-sac, and a lady answered it, and the words just flowed from my mouth, "hey ma'am, we've got an awkward question for ya.. could we use your bathroom?"  and she let us in! by the way, yes, we were being serious! the zone leader needed to. and so it led to a really nice contact of a young family. She wasnt too interested as she goes to CBC, but it was very nice of her, to be so trusting! 

Also this week, we were able to help out again at Stop Hunger Now! This time it was at the high school, and a lot smaller scale. we only packed 10,000 meals, instead of 40,000. It was fun though. A member, who is a senior, was kinda putting it on! It was real neat.  

On friday night, we had a member come out with us, Ian, he has his mission call and leaves in 20 some odd days. We had an incredible lesson with Bellinda. We started off just talking about life and stuff going on, and it fit perfectly into the Restoration and how this gospel truly blesses families. she has 4 teenagers and one of them is being difficult so we were all able to bear testimony that it gets better! all of her questions fit perfectly with the lesson. unfortunately she didnt make it to church.. sad day.  church was awesome. both sessions! haha. On Parris Island, our numbers were small. we got 4 new recruits in sneakers.. meaning first week here. 2 of them are members. one of them is originally from Russia, so lately i have been speaking in a russian accent.. ahha. its awesome!! 

In Beaufort, we got a new bishop. The ward is really excited. after church we had some good times. it was getting late, real dark and raining hard and so we went to visit a less-active family. the son wasnt there, but the mom was. she answered it and you could tell she wasnt feeling too good. but as she talked with us, my heart was touched. she said that whenver she is feeling sick or not good, the missionaries always end up showing up! and how that it always is so special to her, and then she asked us to continue to try and work with her son, who i've met before, who just recently accepted a scholarship to Coker College her in SC to play lacrosse!!  and as we stood there in the rain talking to her, we ended with a prayer and she was in tears.. I just love this gospel.  

As we were heading back towards the apartment to try some investigators, a thought came to my head to go to another less-active's house. i hadnt met him before so i was a little nervous, but we went. as we knocked, he yelled, "who's there?" and i said, "the missionaries" and when he opened the door he was trying to act tough, asking why we were out that late in the dark and that neighborhood, and all i said was, hey brother hampton.  and he changed and was like, oh hey guys, come on in! haha. it was really neat. so for the next hour, we talked with him and worked on a puzzle. 

I have grown to love listening to the spirit.. I know thats a weird saying as a missionary, cuz I should be used to it, but it never gets old! 

I hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! It really is a special time. 

Mom, send pictures of the family :)

I love you all!
Elder Bodily

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