Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Years and Teaching President and Sister Cottle

Hey yall! 

i hope yall had a good week! Mainly for me, the turning point was New Years. It got me thinking, a lot. DANG! i leave my home here in 3 months and go back to my old home! So much has changed this past year, and i know that this year will just bring more and more changes! Crazy to think about.. I hope everyone came up with some resolutions that they will try to keep and accomplish this year. it comes around every year, yet we always seem to be taken by surprise! 

this week, i sent up to Tifton on exchanges. it was a good time to see a different scenery, but one day was enough for me. I was happy to get back to my 4 pad in nashville. 

New Years Eve was amazing. We went over to a members house for dinner and then he gave us some of his old air force camo stuff! totally scored!! it was awesome! all of us were freaking out haha. He also sells duck calls! totally gunna score here!! 

On New Years Day, we had the opportunity to go and teach President and Sister Cottle. it was fun! we taught them one of the principles that is on a teaching record, then they chose a random one and we had to teach it to them. Short and sweet, it was good!  Afterwards, we over to the Warren's, a family in Adel, and ate lunch with them and chilled and talked.. oh my goodness. i havent had mexican cheesecake before.. so good! They have an 8 yr old daughter that hadnt been baptized yet, but my comp told me last night that they had scheduled it! i must have missed that conversation.. haha. oh well! I am so excited for them!

Sunday here was amazing, as always. I walk into the chapel and i saw the White family from Pearson.. ah i was so happy!! Church was packed, it was a good feeling. The spirit was so strong there. It aint no joke that Sunday's a day to recharge our spiritual battery. I always feel so energized afterwards.  It is incredible to hear about Vlad bearing his testimony. I cant wait to see him when i get home. Well, the library is filling up with a bunch of people! gotta go! i love you all! elder bodily.

on the pic, for those who notice, yes i know i was cross-branching. oh well. :) 

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