Monday, June 30, 2014

Lacrosse and a Marine Military Base

With transfers, it always brings a new excitement, and boy I'm excited! 

First things first, I am now in Beaufort, SC with my new guy Elder Ah Fook!  People here love our names, it will never get old.  

This first week has just been packed full of awesome experiences.. I don't really know how to explain them all. Oh well. 

Wednesday morning comes around, we go running.  We went over to one of the middle schools here.  There in the field were two lacrosse goals.. I about fell over.. it's been over a year since any sign of lacrosse in the South. and now, in South Carolina I am reunited with it.  So excited.  One of our active priests play it, so we are gunna hook up with him and play. 

This week we went contacting less-actives and we knocked on the door of this family and the mom answered and talked for a second and then called her son out.  He was wearing a Florida lacrosse shirt.  I about lost it.  We instantly became friends and talked sports and all.  He's leaving for a week on a camp, but when he gets back, we're gunna play.  

I am going to love Sundays here.  I get 5 hours of church.  In the morning we go out to Parris Island and hold services and the Marine Recruits going through training come.  Talk about a spiritual experience.. I gave a short intro about me and my life, told them how I was a signature away from being in the army.. they all got a good laugh at that and said I made the right choice.  But wow.. being with those men and women for 2 hours was incredible.  A couple of them are graduating this week so they all bore their testimonies. Words can't describe the emotions I felt being with them and talking with them.  Their highlight of the week is being able to go to church, and these people are training to be the biggest, fastest strongest people in the world. and yet they have that desire every week to go to church.  Yeah it's a relief from the work, but still.  You can feel their testimonies.  

Like I said, we were doing a lot of less-active work already.  We had a great lesson with Brother McCarthen. We talked about Joseph Smith's life and all that he went through.  As we got up to leave, he asked us if we would sing "I am a child of God" with/for him.  That was amazing in and of itself.. That song brings the spirit like an A-bomb.  It was a really neat experience.  

Our last experience was yesterday.  One of the counselors in the bishopric had us over for a dinner and also one of his friends over.  It was a neat experience.  We kind of dropped this on him.  He couldn't escape.  haha.  But we had a really good lesson.  He was real stubborn with some points of the gospel and all.  But in the end, we used bible scriptures to help him understand where we are coming from, where the fulness of the gospel is located. He isn't completely closed minded, but he is just stubborn.  But we are excited to work with him. 

Well, off on another week of pure awesomeness of military and missionary work. 

I love you all.
Elder Bodily

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