Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

This past week has flown and I'm not quite sure how.  Not too much happened to us this week.. It was just a normal week for us.. I suppose I'll share just scattered experiences.. 

On Tuesday we were driving down a long dirt road and our daily goal was to try to talk to everyone.  We passed a road, and I thought we might as well try.. so we flipped around and went down the road.. and there was one house at the end haha. So we stopped and knocked! A 20 yr old girl opened and talked to us. Come to find out she is one of our member's cousin!  It was a neat find.  She said she had a church.. They all say that.. ergh.. but it was good to talk to her.   

On Thursday we spent the day down in Homerville.. that was an adventure.  We had a folder with all the names of the people that live in that area. about 44 of them. 1 active member, Brother Moore.  But at the end of the day, we had figured out something on every single one of them.. either their number was wrong and their address is incomplete, or they don't wanna talk to the church, or they are inactive, and don't wanna change really.. joy.. but it was a good time.  It helps us with our work for the future.  We have regulars in Homerville that we visit.  Those are always a good time!  One of those regulars.. DQ!  boo yah.  Always a good time..   

On Saturday we were driving around in the back country trying to contact people.  Well, our road was blocked by a semi in the ditch haha.  So we turned.  It wasn't an accident.. well, it was, but ya know?  We stopped at the first house and we met an older couple working out in their shed.  Well, I say older cuz they looked older than they really were. But they were super nice. They go to the Holiness Baptist church in Douglas, but they were super nice to us.  The wife offered us a drink and crackers.  It was wonderful.  Not willing to change, but they were awesome to talk to.  

One day we were driving around and we found this gem of a hole.   It fills with water and then, as you can see, truck tracks around and through.  So you already know.. I sure wish we had a big truck.. haha. 

One experience I'll share this week..  On Friday, my companion was in the kitchen studying and I was in the study room and I was praying and I said an out-loud prayer.  Now, it's a normal thing for meals and companion study, but for personal prayer, I hardly do it.. but it felt so wonderful. I know prayer is always one of those things that its communication between God and us, and I know prayers are answered, but it felt so wonderful to just have that feeling.. to feel I'm actually talking with someone face to face, so personally.. ah. I love this gospel! 

Until next week.. maybe I will have more email worthy experiences, but sometimes the mission is about growing personally.  It's not just always about the super spiritual experiences, and yet I love it so much. 

Elder Bodily

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