Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Party after party . . .

Where has time flown?

Sunday morning came, and when I woke up, well, it just felt like another day.  But it is JUNE! This year is almost half over.. wow.. haha. This week has gone by quickly. Not too many big experiences, but it was just overall a good week! We ended the week on a great note. Interviews with President. It is always good to be able to visit with him 1 on 1 and receive guidance from him. 

We had a really neat experience this week.  On Tuesday we went out with a member, Brother Hardee.  He is great. He lives out in a town called Millwood and we have a lot of members out there, but it is just country and we don't know our way around, so he was showing us around.  We went to dinner first at a small highway diner.  Such a good cheeseburger.  While there, we met a couple people who were part of a less-active, part-member family.  After we ate, we headed off with a family - it was the extended family of one of the ladies we talked to at the diner.  Everyone down here is part of a large family..... It's insane.  I can't keep track of em all.  Anywho.  We talked with the older couple and then left.  A couple days later, we were out visiting at another less-actives home and guess what! Part of that family we looked for at the beginning of the week were there!  It was awesome!  Then come Sunday, a couple of them were at church!  It was great.  The Lord truly does guide us to people, even when we are in service clothes in the down pouring rain....  It was great. 

Now skipping back a little bit.  You gotta love scattered emails.  On Friday, it was slow.. weekly planning always is.  After weekly planning we saw a less-active drive by with a trailer and some couches.... so we walked over to see what's up.  He was out sitting on the couches in the back yard on the trailer waiting for his wife to get home.... good thing we went over, cuz he would never have gotten them in without us.... it was a struggle!!  Wow, so we got the new couches in, and then the old ones out... and guess what!  He gave it to us. We got a sectional in our house now!  Our house is almost complete.  It's pretty awesome. Needs a little air freshin and cleanin, but it's still a sectional!!   

(I have a very funny story about Kevin and a "sectional".  Message me and I'll tell you! ~mom)

Saturday was a party!  Literally.  It was just a one big party day.... It started with interviews, and then we got back and went to a pool/birthday party for a family in the ward.  It was a party for a 1 yr old.  It was great haha.  Sucked we can't go swimming though. :(    And then after that we went back and changed to go do some service.  That was fun.  We had to weed-whack around a huge yard, and the thing we were using at first quit on us, then we had to go get another weed-whacker and then we got it finished.  Before the rain came in!  The sucky part - the machine we used at first was pretty much a lawnmower, so it stuck out our window and it wouldn't close.. joy.. haha.  But during the rain storm we quick stopped at a graduation party thing for a less-active family.  That is where we met another part of that huge part member family :)   It was fun there.  The mom of the family loves us!  It was great.  And then we left there and went over to a family that was doing volleyball and burgers.  The rain had stopped for the time being, so we were able to get a game in.  The most precious thing happened during the game. the family has a 2 yr old boy, Colton. He was crying for something, and ran up to me and held onto my leg, so I picked him up and he just wrapped around me and started to pat my back.. it was so cute. Everyone was like. "awww!"  Yeah, he is awesome.  And then the rain came again and forced us inside.. yeah.. our window was still down.. boo..  

Sunday was fun too.  We had a little fun.  During Sunday School, two 18 yr old member girls went over and covered one of our cars with notes and the other with marker.. it was pretty good. not gunna lie. but.. you just don't mess with three 19 yr olds and a 20 yr old....  It was a good time :)  

(I believe the missionaries returned the car-decorating favor . . .)

Well... I love this gospel!  I love being able to work with people that I get along with so well.  That's what the gospel is all about.  We finally got the Ensign conference edition and wow.. it is just so powerful.  Everyone needs to read it and apply the things in it to their lives. 

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