Monday, June 9, 2014

A lady with a rifle . . .

This week flew by and we had quite a few great experiences. It started Tuesday. We were planning on doing some service but it didn't happen, so we drove around and made random turns, and we are on a long road and we drive past a new subdivision we'd never seen before. So the next day we decide to go work that area.  What a gold mine.  We only knocked 3 doors and found a part member family, a less-active family, and a really good potential family!  Wow.  We are excited for that area.  The less-active family's daughter is a girl we met before, so we are excited to go up there this week and continue the work. 

On Thursday, we were doing our normal work, but we decided to work an apartment complex, and yet, we only talked with 2 people!  Betsy and LaMarion.  The first black couple I've met here in this area.  It was good to talk with them.  Both searching for answers and had questions.  We simply went over the Restoration.  They were accepting to it.

On Saturday we contacted a referral we received Friday night.  Man.  That was a trip.  Out in the middle of no-where.  John Buchan.  We knock on the door and an older lady answers and is kinda apprehensive, and then we say we're looking for John, and she gets more nervous than before, and we hear a truck coming up the drive and she tells us that we shouldn't be here any longer.... so we start walking towards the car but he stops and we felt that we should stay..... as he is standing there, the lady asked where her rifle was.....  Man, I was nervous, haha.  But we talked with him and taught him the Restoration.  He was very accepting so we committed him to baptism and he accepted!  We are excited!  

This upcoming week we have a lot planned.  Those new areas and new people are going to keep us busy!   Also on Saturday we visited our investigator Ressa.  She had a very hard couple weeks.  She found out that one of her dogs has cancer....  She loves her dogs very much.  She wasn't too open to talk at first, but we just comforted her.  It felt good to be there for someone and just to listen to their problems.  It wasn't anything too gospel related, but we were able to strengthen her.  I have grown a love for her so much, and for her dogs also.  

Well!  We're off on another adventure this week! 

I love y'all!
Elder Bodily

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