Sunday, May 25, 2014

What a beautiful week.....

Words can't begin to explain how this week went.  I suppose I'll begin with probably one of the most touching things of my mission so far.  Our young investigator that has Autism, Matthew Kirkland, and his brother Ben, were baptized Sunday after church! It was last minute for us, but it was ran through the ward so they had control. We left our phone at the house when we went out for the day. When we got back, we saw we had a missed call, so we called back and it was a lady in the ward asking about "the baptism after church for the kirkland boys."  My jaw hit the floor. We had thought it was this coming Saturday.  But we were so excited. when we got to church, the boys' family was just pulling up. They were so excited. Ben, the 8 yr old came up to us and said, 'hey were getting baptized today!"  ah it was so wonderful.  At the service, I spoke on baptism. I focused partly on taking upon us the name of Jesus Christ. If I were to chose 2 people to represent Christ, these are them. So pure, and so perfect. 

The Kirkland brothers, Matthew and Ben

This past week the ward was selling donuts to help pay for their scout camp. So you already know that I was getting my face stuffed!! Kripsy Kreme donuts never tasted so good. Of course, I only bought 1 box, but like 3 boxes were given to us by the ward. oh boy.. they sure know how to make me happy. the best part is how the other elders are on this health kick. so I ate most of them.. 

Saturday was a great day. We did not have too much stuff that was set planned, but we made the best of it. We knew one of our investigators, Brandon was playing a flag football game so we walked over and talked with him and watched him. It was great. A lot of his friends know who we are. Quite a few black people haha. more than we have come in contact with here in Pearson. But we were talking with him and he told us that Tyreek Hill was going to be there.. Now a little info about him.. He is from Pearson GA. He holds the Georgia record for the 100 yd dash, and a bronze medal in the jr olympics, and now he is going to be playing football for Oklahoma State. He is about my heigth, or shorter, but so thick.  At first it was just me and my comp standing there watching, then the other elders showed up and talked with us. Then he was joking, "man, everytime I look, they double" haha. It was great. He took either a picture or a snapchat or something with us in the back ground, calling us his goons. It was pretty funny haha. 

Later that day we headed off to Willacoochee to visit with our investigator Ressa. I cannot explain how wonderful she is!  She was doing some wood work. she's really good at it and has a shop in her back yard and everything. Like I said, she is just wonderful. She has been through a lot. Had eye cancer so she only has 1 eye, which made her retire from the air force, but doesn't let it get in the way of anything. But before we could really start our "friendship" conversation, she said, "So I've been reading and I've got a couple questions".. Wow. I was happy. Now she isn't one to argue, she is searching for answers. She explained how she felt the Book of Mormon was like the Bible because it was pretty much the same message.. I asked her where she had read to. Mosiah 19. It all made sense. Abinadi is a great man who preaches the 10 commandments!  We helped her understand that those who believe the Bible, should believe the Book of Mormon (Mormon 7). Well actually, I shouldn't say we helped her understand, because she already understood!  She just needed reassurance!  And she recognizes that if the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith was a prophet. She is just a little stubborn right now with coming to church, but we are so happy for her. She also was expressing emotions of life, so we gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and introduced it to her. 

We also went fishing with one of our priest's saturday afternoon. He always takes us out to his uncle's house that sits on a huge pond. I caught a fish!  Even though it was only a brim.. nothing like a huge large mouth bass, but I'll catch one of those one day.. 

The Big Fisherman

This week was just a beautiful one. Another rain storm came through that just made it all more beautiful. We also have a friend that comes through the backyard almost everyday.. 

A "little" rain

Daily visitor . . . 

Well, until next week!  I love you all

Elder Bodily

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