Monday, April 28, 2014

What a Week!

This past week was a good one. We had our first district meeting, 3 weeks into the transfer. That was a new feeling. It was my first as a district leader, and the zone leaders were present. Joy. But it was a good time. We focused a lot on the spirit and bearing our testimonies.  If we don't have the spirit in missionary work, or really in anything that we do, we really are just going through the motions. We don't necessarily gain anything from it.  

Afterwards we went on a exchange with the zone leaders. That was fun. The zone leader and I met a few great people. It's sometimes frustrating at times here, because the people love to talk, just not very interested in the gospel. They feel they have what they need, and don't wanna change. It's even more difficult when we can see that they really do need the restored gospel!  

The members here in Pearson are wonderful. I am so grateful I have the opportunity to serve with and around all of them and to gain their trust as a missionary and also as a person. Being a missionary is not just about baptizing people and moving on. It is about building that trust and friendship with everyone you serve, even if they don't necessarily accept the gospel right now. I am so grateful that I am serving in the states, and somewhere like the south, where I feel so natural.  It is just another testimony builder that this gospel is true. That it can take ordinary people in ordinary circumstances and make them into extraordinary sons and daughters of God. 

This past week we have been working with a girl named Lina. She is dating a member of the ward and expressed to the family that she is ready for the gospel and for baptism, which was amazing because she had been to church and introduced to us, but we never really started to talk with her and all until she came to us! We feel that she is very sincere and that she really is doing it for her self and not for the member. She is going to be the first in her family.  It really is a testimony builder that God is preparing people to accept the gospel, even when their family isn't quite yet on board.

Wednesday we went and did some service at the City Hall here.  It wasn't much but it was a good time to perform service. My comp had bought some overalls earlier and he just doesn't feel them. Well, he gave them to me. and daggum.. when I walked out, he said I was just meant for them.. I don't have a picture of them yet.. but I will get it to you. I love fitting right in down here.  

I'm attaching a lot of pictures.. a lot has happened the past 3 weeks and I haven't sent pics yet!

Well, I hope yall have a good week! I will continue to try and be more spiritual, but I honestly just don't think it will happen a whole lot.. so bear with me. :)  I love you all.

elder bodily 

Mom's note:  Kevin didn't label the pics he sent this week, so these are my best guesses!

I think these two show how wet the weather has been in Pearson, Georgia.

They do know how to grill in the south!

If there's a gun, Kevin will find it and play with it!

Either a 'gator or a member with some serious southern rock skills!

A missionary's version of the Burning Man celebration?

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