Monday, April 21, 2014

Paintballing and a new 'gator~

This week has been a great one. With todays excitement of paintballin, my thoughts are all gone..  but I will try. 

 On Tuesday we went out to a small town and walked around and talked to people. One of those peoplewas Ressa Kirkland. We didn't talk much gospel at first, but we became good friends. We probably talked for 45 minutes. At the end we were able to give her a restoration pamphlet. Thinking we only had a good door talk, we went on our way. 

As our day continued, nothing much happened. As we were at a members for dinner, we got a phonecall, just happened to be our Ressa! She wanted a Book of Mormon to learn more about the church. It was exciting. 

On Friday we had zone conference in Douglas with the whole zone. It was a good feeling to be around all the other missionaries. We learned a lot. For some reason, being around all the missionaries gets me on a spiritual high. 

And after the conference, we took Ressa her BOM. we talked again for 45 minutes..  It was again amazing.  

All day Friday and Saturday and Sunday it poured rain..  It was a good feeling.  Easter was a great day. And the ward had a beautiful speaker. His name, David White. Haha, just kidding, but really.. I was looking good.  It was definitely a different feeling with 110 people staring at you instesd of 15.. but none the less, I loved it. I spoke about Elder McConkies last General Conference talk in 1985, and three different gardens in life.  Eden, Gethsemane,  and the empty tomb. It was a good talk. I love having my testimony of the gospel and the resurrection. It helps me push forward and help others feel it for themselves.  Well, I shall get to yall next week! I should be able to send photos next time. 

Love, the georgian, 
elder bodily

For reference, here is the talk Kevin mentioned:

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