Monday, April 14, 2014

One Year This Week . . .

I really can't start to comprehend that Saturday was my birthday and now this week is my hump day.. can someone tell me where time went? I really need to find out. Especially this past week. It went somewhere..  

It is starting to warm up, and luckily we don't have to wear our suit coats anymore!  So that's a blessing.  We had some really good experiences this week. I don't remember days, I just remember experiences.  One day we were driving through the back country trying to find this place called "LAX".  I was curious.  So driving up towards it, we saw the county line change, a big house on the left with a lady outside picking up cotton on her front lawn area.  Now that we were out of our area, we flipped around and stopped to help her.  She was hesitant at first, but as we talked with her, we just slowly started to pick up pieces.  That took about 30 minutes. it was a good time though.  She had a huge house and a huge yard....   Her daughter knew a member in high school that's on his mission now, the daughter was off to college at Valdosta State.  So they knew about the church, but when we asked them if we could come share a message about Jesus Christ with them, they said, "Oh, we're baptist." and that was the end of it.. haha. kinda funny. but it was a good time.  

Another time we were going to a neighborhood to recontact some people.  We knocked on a door and a teenage black guy answered it and was super nice, invited us in right away. Come to find out, he had met with missionaries before and been to church!  It was nice.  As we were talking, we became good friends.  He had a metal can in his pocket.  He said  "Oh sorry about that, I just am paranoid right now."  He had a can of pepper spray on him....   I dunno what happened but I guess he was nervous.... and as we were talking, his mom came in and come to find out, she is a less-active member!  Crazy.  It was good though. We are excited for them.  

Another fun experience, we went to contact a less-active and he was out working on a big truck.  He used to drive trucks and pull mobile homes.  That was cool to talk with him.  He has a couple views he doesn't agree with, but really nothing against the church..  I don't understand some people like that.. ya know?  It comes down to faith and understanding that this church truly is true!  

Saturday was just a party.  We had a spring clean at the church, a lot of people came and we deep cleaned. it was fun!  It definitely is a new old feeling of being in a big ward.. kinda felt like home. it really did.  It was good.  We had dinner and a lesson at our investigator Kiel Pittman's house.  He is such a good guy!  I am excited for him. they got pizza for us, and then things called 'smallcakes', they are big cupcakes!!  So good!  

For being my first birthday away from home, it wasn't too bad at all :) I mean come on, silly string makes anything better!  I'm sure I'm leaving a whole lot out of my emails.. sorry!  But yeah.  Mom, DO NOT look at all  the photos, I just have to send the one you will hate :)

I love you all! 
Elder Bodily

He received our birthday package . . .

Including the things Trevor included!
No birthday is complete without Silly String and a princess wand!

Local inhabitant.  

Too late.  He tried to warn me, but I looked.  Gross!

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