Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Week of Work and a Miracle

This week went by like a blur.. I cant believe that it is Monday already.  This week flew because we were having some good experiences! and well, some not so good ones.  

One of the many reasons i love the south is because its home to me. On Tuesday and Wednesday we went and did some service for city hall here in Pearson.  That gives me an excuse to get out of the shirt and tie. Thus the reason for the overalls. Yes, i know i look like mario, but that's alright, i fit in here in Georgia! 

It's a good feeling to have when we go to city hall, they already know us. This town is tiny and everyone knows us. We are best friends with the mayor and now the Chief of Police. I love it :)   One day we were trying to help, but it was raining too much for them, and we saw this man across the street unloading a u-haul by himself, and i could see a fridge, and a washer and dryer.. so we went over and helped him out. We moved quite a bit into his house, and then religion was brought up and then we were at a standstill for about an hour..... it was us 4 elders helping him. He was a pastor at a church in Texas and then just up and left and came here.. strange, but that's his life.  I wouldn't call it a bible bash, we were just all explaining our beliefs and he, his. But a couple days later we went by to see how the move was going, and then we talked for another 2 hours.. this time it was me and one of the other elders.. oh boy.. it was turning to a bible bash.. but, as truth is always truth, he was going in circles. He brought up anti points and everything, but it was to no avail..  this whole experience just helped strengthen my testimony of the gospel and how true it really is! 

This week we also had a couple great lessons. First one was with a cousin of a member here, our ward mission leader who just returned from Mexico in December haha.  He is great!  So weird to think he is pretty much my age.. but his cousin has been going through a lot lately, and finally decided that she wanted to learn more about the church and accept the gospel.  So we went down and met with her!  She is awesome.  Also our age.. it still makes me double take on my life, how i am their age, but yet i am the one sharing the restored gospel.. but anywho, our lesson was outside, at a table of a Dairy Queen. It was a good experience though. A lot of people saw us, and as we continue to do work in that town maybe it'll help them out.  She lives in Homerville, a town bigger than Pearson, but hardly any active members.  

Our other great lesson actually happened at an active member's house in Homerville.  It was with his friends which we have met before.  She finally received her Book of Mormon and is excited to read it!  The member reminds me of the movie Up.  He is an old guy that gets around better than me. 

Also in Homerville, we were going through our list of members and remembered someone telling us about an older sister with health problems.. it was really a miracle we found her. The gps didn't show her address, and as we turned a corner, we saw the street sign.  So we met her.  Sister Smith. S he lives by herself and is like in her 80's.  The first thing she said was that she hadn't seen missionaries in awhile.  I am so grateful we went by and visited with her.  It was wonderful.  I love being able to just visit people, and talk about their lives, especially the older generation.. (politically correct term, i think..)

anywho. the work is work, the area is amazing, and the gospel is true! 

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