Thursday, April 3, 2014

What Happened?

Wait a moment.. it's Monday? daggum.  This week has been full of great moments and some not so great moments, but those made some great journal entries.  This week has really been off the wall. I'll start with transfer calls on Saturday

I am being transferred this week, I am training a new missionary, becoming a district leader, and whitewashing an area. Someone has a lot of trust in me, but I understand my purpose. I kind of knew I was going to be transferred.  Friday night I was praying to know how to help one of our investigators, one I have really come to love and become close with, and I heard something in my head say, "You've done your part."  It was really powerful. I had this overwhelming feeling of peace come over me.  Even though the task at hand is kind of a big one for me, because it's new, I know that through Christ, all things are possible. 

We had an amazing lesson with another one of our investigators, Betty. She is just so amazing. She lost another family member this past week, and we have been talking about the plan of salvation with her a lot. I think it really helped her out. She prayed that she will continue to have "added knowledge of the Mormon faith".  Wow.  It was so powerful.  She says she really wants to get into this, while softly rubbing the Book of Mormon.  And another lesson with Jermaine Dawson. He also lost a family member and he had some questions that were answered word for word with the Book of Mormon of how our spirits are taken to God after we pass away, and that we keep our memories.  It was so powerful!  He was loving it.  Alma 40.    

All of these great experiences, really outweigh our moment of meeting The Curles family. Now when I tell you that I haven't met someone that has been more anti, I aint telling a story.  They straight up told us that they have taken classes with their church, and have been prepared for when we come around.... Wow.  I was just laughing as we walked away. they were so shocked that we actually believed the things we did. and we bore our testimony and stood our ground and then walked away. 

Sunday was amazing. We got a call early in the morning from an Alabama number, we were still half asleep and not really understanding, but story kept short, waiting for church to start, and for this person to show up, we saw a mini van come around the corner, that was the first clue, the second, 4 bikes on the back.  I was so happy.. and when they got out, the mother and father and then 4 kids under the age of 6 got out.. it was so happy.  But they were just on their way back to Talladega from the Ft  Lauderdale temple open house.  But it was no coincidence.  They knew the Bodily name.  They met at USU and got married in the Logan temple! and they know a Bodily in the Talladega stake! crazy.. it was so good to visit with them and all, ya know?  

Saturday and Sunday were difficult though, saying goodbye to the people I have come to love here in the big city of Cordele.  For not being strong in numbers, they are strong in love and charity.  I will never forget Cordele GA.  I have never felt so much love.  It doesn't make it easier to leave when I am given a free DeMarcus Ware jersey (#94) for the Cowboys.. even though he is a Bronco now. We will forgive him for that though. He is just confused by the wisdom of men. 

Yesterday we spent dinner at a members home who lives on the lake here between the two areas. I loved it.. So beautiful. too bad it was Sunday, I was about to go fishin!  

I saw these signs and had to get a picture of them.. We're in a Republican state.  haha

And meet Estella Kinchens. One of my moms out here, and a diehard cowboys and Celtics fan!   :)

Till next week. a new home, a new story, new testimony builders. 

I love this gospel!

Elder Bodily

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