Monday, April 7, 2014

A Great First Week in Pearson!

With transfers come a new experience. I am so excited to be in my new area! I went from about 15 members to about 120! Even though we won't actually have a church meeting till next week, I can already feel the love from the ward. It definitely is a new experience. I am excited though! 

My new companion is Elder Hillier from Sacramento California. We are excited to work together! He has been in Pearson about 6 weeks, so he is the veteran of our 4 elder district/house.  The 4 of us live in a house right next to the church, its pretty awesome. 2 english elders and 2 spanish elders. It's a different feeling being a district leader.. its weird to think that I am the oldest and most senior missionary..  

But this week was great.  We were out walking a bit and meeting new people. We had a couple neat experiences. We helped a less active tear a tin roof off of a trailer. That was fun! Haha. Hard work but a lot of fun!  We were walking around a new area and talking to everyone. We met a lady that was hesitant at first, but then she opened up and we talked about how she lost her father, and then the JW's met with them and confused them a lot, so we talked with her and she talked with us. Ya know. Then we talked about her husbands Mustang that is the fastest around and still street allowed.. It was great. 

General Conference was amazing! I really took everything to heart and it helped me grow a lot. It truly is amazing when we can hear the living voice from prophets of the Restoration. It was comforting though.  

Sorry, I am just short on words this week..

Just know that I love this gospel and am so happy that I am a missionary. 

Here's my new address, if anyone wants to send a birfday love card by Saturday. :)

Elder Bodily
336 Pearson St.
Pearson Ga 31642

I love you all!
Elder Bodily

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