Monday, March 24, 2014

Busy Week!

Looking back, i really don't know where this week went. and the past 4 days i have been totally wiped out by the end of the day that i missed the first couple days of writing in my journal.. but I'm going to make up for them today and write.  Its crazy.  

Thursday we had President Cooper's chickens come in. all, 22,700 of them! and we moved them all in a record time.. 35 minutes.. its impressive. Last time we had the record, and it was 45 minutes, and then Thursday 35.  None of president coopers family are members, but they are so impressed with us and how hard we work haha. its a good feeling to be out of the suits and doing hard farm labor. it helps when there is a cooler with mtn dews. and then Saturday, we laid tile in his kitchen and cleaned out a back room of his house. so much stuff!! It was great fun! we found some missionary gold!  The branch made Mormon Helping Hands shirts a few years back when a tornado hit Americus, and we found them and so we grabbed a couple ahah. and we also found an electric griddle thingy. so president said we could have it! so awesome! and then yesterday we had to swing by to get some collard greens and so i hopped on the tractor :) 

But i suppose as a missionary i am supposed to have spiritual experiences too, huh?  On Tuesday we had Terrance with us and we were driving around between lessons and he saw a guy outside shooting hoops that we met a couple weeks back playing basketball, his name is Tay. So we flipped around and talked to him. strange thing was that he was at the house of former gators. come to find out, he is their son! crazy small world. but we are excited for him, he said he is interested in learning more! Its awesome to have a member who is around our age, and can connect with all types of people!! Terrance has given us a ton of referrals, we cant keep up with them all! Its just awesome! 

On Friday and Saturday we had great lessons with Betty Griffin. she is on date for April 26th. she is really excited. we pulled up on saturday afternoon and her and a couple friends were playin spades, her friends were drinking, but she doesn't. but the neat thing is that she told them all to hold off for a bit so she could talk with us! it was wonderful. We had a quick, powerful lesson on the plan of salvation and helped her recognize the spirit and help her realize that she will need to make a decision when she comes to know the truth. She understood that before we even had to tell her. she is awesome!  and yesterday, Sunday, after church, the elders in Americus had a baptism! it was amazing. It was a special experience, because only her grandma is a member. we've been working with the family for, well, since 7 months ago, when i got there. crazy how time flies.. 

Well, off to another adventure of a p-day.  hope all is well! i love you all.

Elder Bodily

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