Monday, October 7, 2013

It's October (Exclamation Point) and it's Humbling

I cannot believe that it is October now.. But that does mean one good thing! COTTON FIELDS! Yaya! It was a crazy feeling of just imagining life back in the day.. very humbling.. that is for sure.  I suppose this week was full of humbling experiences.

The first began on Monday when we visited a Civil War/POW Museum. Wow. I cant begin to express the emotions i felt there. It was like i was back in Arlington National Cemetery again. So powerful. and luckily we went on monday, cuz tuesday the govt shut down.. i feel bad for the guy working there. he doesnt have a job now. thats okay. we gave him a card to cheer him up! haha. 

Another one of the moments of my mission that i will never forget happened on wednesday.. we were called by Sister Butler, who's husband is the one with parkinsons. she asked if we could come over and give her daughter and grandson a blessing.  Jace is about 7 and has ciliac and i think down syndrome.. and some other things that disable him a little. but oh my goodness he is the happiest kid i have ever met.  I really dont know how to explain the experience we had. Having the opportunity to give this boy a blessing that is closer to God than I ever will be on this earth is so humbling.. He is having his Kidney removed next week. The family has always asked for blessing before. It really is amazing. 

and then to finish off this week was General Conference.. 2 words.. Exclamation Point! But seriously.. Conference was everything and more than what i needed to hear. Of course, Elder Holland always has his moment and President Monson is touching with his facial expressions. But one of the talks that touched my heart was Gerald Causse from Presiding Bishopric..  I mean, anyone that quotes Les Miserables in a conference talk.. Bravo. It applies so perfectly to my mission and the south. Everyone is somewhat friendly.. Noone should be a stranger to us. We are all brothers. That is our goal as missionaries. To help others feel the love from God. It is always there. to help them feel welcome.  
No one is a stranger to God. 

Hope everyone have a good week.
Elder Bodily

pictures: Our District, the one on the far left, is going to argentina this week! and then things from the Museum and then me as a cotton picker! yay!   i love the south!

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