Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Another day, another discussion . . .

Im not quite sure where this week went. Its all a blur. 
On Thursday I experienced one of the weirdest moments of the mission so far. We were out trying to contact less actives, and we chose one, Sanders Thornburg.  My companion joked and said we are going to see the Wild Thornberries.. as we rolled up to the house, he wasnt joking. but we both were shocked. He and his family live in a like a dome thing that looks like an mud igloo. trees had over grown around and everything.. it was sketch. He kinda looked like the guy right out of the game Jumanji. It was crazy.  He is a good guy though, but his views have been changed towards the Book of Mormon and all. It was sad. An endowed member and everything fell away into the tricks of Satan. He was set in his ways so we couldnt really invite him to read it, so all we could do is bear testimony to him and leave.. 
The weather this week has been amazing. It cooled down and then i was raining. but it was a heavy rain, it was like a snow-flurry rain fall. it was crazy.. 
really not much happened this week. but thats okay.. 
We visited a member in the ward on Saturday night. His name is Brother Butler. talking with him, i was humbled a lot. He is an older gentleman with a bad case of Parkinsons. He cant control his arm or his leg really. as we visited with him, his wife was off to the Relief Society Broadcast. we had a wonderful talk with him. He told us a lot about his life and everything, all of his problems with the parkinsons, and yet, in a quiet, calm voice, he said  "yet through all of this, i feel so blessed to have this gospel". it was so powerful.  
so this coming week, i am going to challenge all of you to really look at your life, and see how blessed you really are through all the trials. 
The Church is true and that is all that matters. Even when the missionary meal is ramen noodles and deverls.  :)

I love you all. 
Elder Bodily

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