Friday, November 7, 2014

New Week. New Changes.

I cant believe that it is November now.. where is time going?  

On Monday we did a lot of running around and saying goodbye to people for Elder Ah Fook. It also gave me time to burn some pants finally! I cant believe that 18 months has flown by.  

Tuesday came and went. That 3 hour ride to Macon from Beaufort is so long.. haha. especially with 4, well 5 guys and 2 sets of luggage, in a tiny jeep! oh well. haha.  At transfer meeting, it was a reunion of the family. There are 5 generations now in the mission! From one man! I cant believe it. My 'father', Elder Meiling, goes home end of December, and he just got his great-great-grandson! I'm getting old..   

My new companion is Elder Burgess! He has been out about 3 months. Oh how I remember those days.. haha. so long ago. I am excited though. He is a great missionary. We have opposite teaching techniques, so it fits perfect, I talk a lot, and he will listen to the spirit and ask amazing questions or say something to bring the spirit. It's worked so well this week.  

Thursday, we had a great lesson with a lady out on her porch waiting for a ride. Patricia was very interested in the Book of Mormon and how it testifies of Jesus.  "Oh you can never have too much Jesus in your life!"   

Friday we had to be in early for Halloween. Boo.. literally.. but we were invited by a family to go over and enjoy in some chili and pumpkin carving before! It was so fun. Reminded me of home a lot! We always have chili on Halloween! But this time no bread bowls. oh well! haha. 

Sunday was amazing as always. We have 3 new people in our district. 2 elders and 1 sister. and all of us went out to Parris Island. Services with the Recruits is always a spiritual time.. We had 8 male recruits graduating this week and 2 females.  Testimony meeting was so powerful. It's amazing to see, even the nonmembers get up and talk about them coming to know God and his love for them.  The weather took a cold turn Saturday morning.. it felt so good though. It hasn't really gotten above 65. I love it! 

well, have a good week yall. 

Elder Bodily

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