Tuesday, November 11, 2014

More with the Marines!

hey yall. as usual, words can't begin to describe how this week went. we said goodbye to the George's on Tuesday.  It was super sad.. I don't know what we are going to do now.. they helped us out so much!! definitely gunna miss them.  

Throughout the week, elder burgess and i have been working on finding more people to teach. we had quite a few good experiences with that.  On Friday we had the graduation of our now Marines.  it was so great.  as we were sitting there, a man came up to us and asked if we were the ones who had baptized Hammann, we said that we were. This man is in the Bishopric up in Wilmington, and also the father of the girlfriend, which we didn't know about!  haha. it was cool. Then he asked me if i was related to any bodily's up there, i said somehow because of the boat from South Africa, well he said, oh yes, we've heard of the boat! haha. it was cool. 

On Saturday we helped out with one of the teacher's eagle scout projects (i'll get pictures from that later.)  it was fun though! the sand gnats bit up my arms though.. it was crazy.. on 

Sunday was definitely a changing point on my mission.  As 7:30 a.m. rolled around, we were getting ready to leave for church on Parris Island, well our bishop called and said that the Mock's, who are the group leaders for the recruits, were caught behind a wreck on a bridge and had to turn around and go the long way around. so we were kinda nervous. we got over there and set everything up and I conducted the meeting. It was a humbling experience. as brother mock got there right before the sacrament, he still had me conduct. he gave the closing talk and expressed how the church is set up in such a way that a meeting can always be held by the power of the priesthood. it bore testimony to me that this church is true cuz without the priesthood power, nothing could be done correctly.  It was very powerful. 

As we ended all of church there, we went to the Beaufort ward, where President and Sister Cottle were speaking! We walked in after the sacrament, and he kind of eyed us down as we walked in and sat down.  After the meeting though, Sister Cottle came up to us and apologized that they didn't come to Parris Island!  So they did know why we were late!  haha I wasn't scared.  After church we ate dinner with them and the Clancy's. It was wonderful! Pulled pork and mac n cheese.. my two favorites..  

so yeah. this week was great.. i love you all! 
elder bodily

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