Monday, November 17, 2014

Send Real Letters, Please!

Hey yall. 

Mom you're making me sad with the pictures of snow! but thats okay! i love it.  the weather is starting to turn south here too.. thats alright though. i enjoy it. 

this week went by really quick. we had a couple days of meetings so that probably added to it. tuesday we had our regular interviews with President Cottle. That was fun. our ward mission leader drove us all over to Rincon (about an hour away). it was a good time. In our interview, president cottle pulled out the M word on me. Marriage.. come on! i got 5 months left! Aint nobody got time for that! but it was a good laughing time. he said i'd get more of it when i came into the mission home.. ahhh... not too excited about that. haha.  

on thursday we had our monthly zone training meeting. it was in hilton head. that was just a normal meeting except for the fact that Elder Turnbull (one of the spanish elders) and i did a skit on weekly planning using Harry Potter as our theme.. it wasn't as good as our Lord of the Rings one,, but i still enjoyed it! haha. 

on friday i learned a new trade. we helped put in a new dishwasher for a recent convert. that was really fun. it was only supposed to take about an hour.. 2 at the most.. well, 4 hours later, we got it figured out. the simple things never are that simple. always something that has to go wrong..  it was a very neat experience though. we grew close to the member helping us. that has been one of my favorite things from the mission, being able to see people as God sees them, His children. and being able to understand people's emotions and knowing how to help them..  really not much happened this week though.   

ah! the holidays are coming up.  President Cottle has asked that all holiday packages, if they are to be delivered before Christmas, need to be at the mission home by Dec 6. we have transfers Dec 9, and then Christmas conferences after that, but to be safe,, get it there early. and i dont know what is going to happen with transfers, so send it to the mission home address.. its my last christmas!! i cant believe it.. i love you all.  but if you feel so inclined to send me anything, letters would be nice, i will add our address here too. :) it was pretty funny this week, it was elder newby's birthday on saturday.. yeah he got 3 packages and like 15 letters.. it made us all feel like the dirt, even though it was his birthday hahah. 

mission home:
Elder Kevin Bodily
400 Northside Crossing
Macon GA 31210

Elder Bodily
2205 Southside Blvd Apt 11B
Port Royal SC 29935
i love yall!
elder bodily

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