Monday, March 3, 2014

It's March! And some hoop time . . .

This past week was a good one!

We had district meeting and then a Zone Leader came down to Cordele with us. That was a good time. Elder Faleao is awesome. I'm so grateful I have been able to serve around him for 5 transfers! It's crazy.. we had some good lessons with him, put one of our gators on date, played some basketball, and got him to play the guitar. 3 of his favorite things!  Me and him have been on more exchanges than him and any one of his DL's and I aint even in leadership haha. I love it.  

On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to go to a family and friends night with one of our gators at her church. That was a fun experience. When they say this is the bible belt, they aint jokin. They played a bible trivia game.. wow.. some of the most random, pointless facts, and they knew almost every single one of them! But it was a fun experience, their pastor recognized us and gave us an opportunity to speak.. I had to bite my tongue and all I could say was, "Love God."  yeah.. stupor of thought is real. My tongue was bound then.  

The weather was beautiful this week and so we were able to walk around some neighborhoods and get contacts.  Sometimes I like government housing, other times I don't.. oh well.  

On Saturday we planned on playing basketball with some gators. so we went to the court with our 12 yr old member Jermaine and met a 22 yr old member there and kinda played around and waited.. Terrance, the 22 yr old, saw some buds drive by and yelled to come play.. Luckily they did, but wow. I need to work on my basketball skills, or my skin color.. and I did both.  I got home and my neck was burned, my face was burned, I had a wicked burn line on my arms and legs from my socks and shorts.. It was funny haha.  

Sunday was amazing. I just love sacrament meeting when its fast Sunday.. the spirit is so strong.. I bore my testimony, and really the spirit touched me yesterday.. with our 10 members or so, I come to church to strengthen them, but ultimately, I go so I can partake of the sacrament and renew my covenants.  I love this gospel so much. I wouldn't trade being out here for anything.  

A shout out to Aunt Bea! I love you and stay strong! 
Elder Bodily

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