Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Baptism on Saturday!

Bodily, a prisoner of Jesus Christ, and Bartholomew our brother, unto those abroad, my dearly beloved and fellowl abourers. and to my beloved family and friends, our fellow soldiers and to the church in the land: Grace to you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank my God, making mention of thee always in my prayers.

So i was a little bored and reading the Pauline Letters.. But i love the bible! 

This week was a good one. We have been working with an investigator for awhile now, Velda Davis, and this saturday, she is entering the waters of eternal life! We are so excited. Its been a process of teaching her and helping her understand, but she is ready to make this step in life!  She has had medical problems in the past and when we invited her to live the word of wisdom, it just made sense to her. We followed up with her and she told us that she had a knuckle-length amount, and it made her sick and so she got rid of it all! It was amazing! We are just so excited for her!   

This week we have also been visiting two of our sisters who had surgery. One of them is doing really well, the other, a lot of pain.. Its a wonderful feeling to just be there and talking with them..  

On Wednesday we combined lunch and dinner and went to Golden Corral.. man that was wonderful. never gets old.. and then on friday we had Zone Training Meeting up in Columbus. Being with all the other missionaries was a great feeling. to get out of my area and actually be around other people! But afterwards, half the zone and most of the elders all went to a hibachi grill and buffet place.. man. i cannot tell yall how much i love buffets..  until one elder leaves and then the others pour salt into his mtn dew.. and no it wasnt my dew! i had water, thank you very much.. hahaha.  

yesterday was a long day. apparently too long for my companion, we were driving into our apartment complex and then he waved to a cat.. haha. it was kinda funny.. but i guess i have no room to talk, i have been sleep talking, throwing my shirt at my companion in the middle of the night and telling him its the scripture he was looking for, then he threw it back at me, i put it back on and then fell asleep. and then another night, he had to switch over his laundry, and apparently i went down with him, waiting, and came back up stairs and didnt even know it..i knew i was different. oh well. 

we were bored and so we redid our chessboard.. its pretty dope. 

well, have a good week yall! i hope you all enjoy the tender mercies of the lord in our days. 
Elder Bodily

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