Wednesday, February 26, 2014

An Amazing Week!

hey yall! 

This week was a good one. We had some amazing lessons! First one was with Betty Griffin. She's an older lady we contacted a couple weeks ago. we went over on a beautiful day out and she was home and excited to talk! So we sat on her porch and talked for almost an hour. It was wonderful. she was feeling the spirit and it really touched her. She was excited for baptism! she hasn't felt the truth in any church she's been to, and has noticed how we have helped a member who lives across the intersection from her a lot. She's always wondered about us, now she is on date for March 22! so exciting! 

And then we also put a lady that has been coming to church for awhile, Velda Davis, on date! Since she's been coming for awhile, she is on date for March 8! Its exciting! the work is picking up! and now if only we could catch all the other gators we have and teach them.. 

We also have done a lot of service this week! We helped out with Sister Lulu, who is an eternigator spanish lady. Come to find out, she is dating, and has been dating for 16 years the body building man that owns the gym we went to for awhile! Small world. we made a lot of connections!  We helped in her yard almost everyday this past week! It was crazy, but felt good to be out of the suits and doing normal yard work. ya know? Even if there are 2 huge pitbull-terrier dogs watching us the whole time! i'll get pictures soon :)  

On Saturday, we were practically doing service all day. One of our experiences was amazing. We went out to a see a partmember family, the wife is a member, the husband isn't. They have been married for 50 years.. they are wonderful. but he is so hardheaded when it comes to getting help in the yard. He didn't let us work, but we walked around his property and showed us everything for almost an hour and that was great!  It really worked in him. He invited us over a cookout after his wife recovers from surgery this week. She was shocked that he did that. He never does that unless he likes us haha. so that's good.   

Yesterday was amazing. after lunch at our Branch Presidents house, we took a road trip up to Unadilla. It was a good drive, through back country roads we hadn't been on before.. man I love this state.  We had an amazing lesson with Joy McKinsie. She ordered a free bible, but got so much more. And they want us to come back and share more! So it's good!  Her husband was there and granddaughter, and then at the end of the lesson, he said next time when you come, we will have more of our family listening! I was like, sweet!!  only problem is our miles won't allow us to visit too often. It's sad.. but the work goes on! 

I love you all! 
Elder Bodily

this is my family here in Cordele, Brother and Sister Pryor on Valentines Day

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